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  1. Dropped my Copper Rosary with Fortuna Card. I was transferring it to my alt. and suddenly its gone when i alt+tab it took me time to realize, Wild Rose looted it. Glad it was still there when i killed it
  2. Azriel

    Its becoming frustrating

    No its not funny, nor wierd. It's just they're treating it as a joke. If you will observe, these players that requested the duration of STP to be longer are NOT JOINING. Yes, back then when there are appreciation tokens as additional reward. But that's it. There's no deeper meaning to it for them, the only thing that they just want is for STP to be longer just because there are appre toks and not the division exp. Thats the truth. They have point back then, but It's like they've made a point and when the time comes that the point is implemented they left. What's the point of implementing something for certain individuals who won't be there if all is implemented? Sooner or later STP at 18:00 Server time will overlap STP at 20:00, Although, re-evaluating the rewards of the prolonged STP is a good idea.
  3. Azriel

    Its becoming frustrating

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Those who requested STP to be longer, Why aren't you farming now? got already the 500 div salary exp? These guys are retard XD
  4. Azriel

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    Here are my entries! Dice: https://postimg.cc/HV55pHKQ STP: https://postimg.cc/FdgDkpMF HHH: https://postimg.cc/gXkbNz98 BG: Bossnia https://postimg.cc/XGw4DHX6 BG: Conquest https://postimg.cc/Y4NtdDvK BG: Stone Control https://postimg.cc/68NSMWnq https://postimg.cc/jWMFqy9n
  5. Azriel

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    any chance on including Wheel of Fortune too?
  6. Azriel

    S> and B> stuffs!!

    S> Reiginlief Egg 35b || DivOre 1.2b || F. Maya Purple Card 10b || Sleip (Dex+10) || +7 Execution Armor (Str10) 95b B> Lilith Card 50b || Siren Card 50 || Whiz Hat 15b
  7. Azriel

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    Great!. Please share the link
  8. Azriel

    Simple macro for skill spam

    I can't download the file it says: Dangerous File Blocked The file you attempted to download was determined to be dangerous. For your protection, MediaFire does not enable distribution of dangerous files. Ive tried putting off my FW, Antivirus and everything. pls help thanks
  9. Azriel

    DreamerRO Market - [@go market]

    up on the event ticket: I think this has been implemented now. what will happen to Event Tickets? do we need to use it now? or are there any future plans for the event tickets? I would like to suggest to please add it to converter 1 Event Ticket = 3 DToks same as the prices on automated events now. if that would be possible XD
  10. Difficulty Scale: Rates how difficult a BG game mode is in comparison to other modes. Example: 1 = Easy & 5 = Hard Rate the following BG Game Modes for Difficulty Capture the Flag - 4 Triple Inferno - 5 Eye of the Storm - 4 Team Deathmatch - 2 Domination - 3 Rush - 3 Conquest - 4 Bossnia - 1 Stone Control - 2 =============================================== Average Round Duration: An estimate of how long each BG mode typically lasts. (Example: 1= 1 minute and 10 = 10 minutes). Note: Please add an guess estimate for every mode. Capture the Flag - 10 Triple Inferno - 9 Eye of the Storm - 9 Team Deathmatch - 7 Domination - 7 Rush - 9 Conquest - 8 Bossnia - 4 Stone Control - 8 =============================================== Favorite BG Game Modes: Number the game modes below from least favorite to favorite. Example: 1 would be your least favorite game mode and 9 would be your favorite game mode. Note: No two modes should have the same number. Each mode must be numbered from 1 to 9 without repeating numbers Capture the Flag - 3 Triple Inferno - 1 Eye of the Storm - 2 Team Deathmatch - 7 Domination - 5 Rush - 4 Conquest - 6 Bossnia - 9 Stone Control - 8 IGN : freyja0211
  11. Azriel

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    ohhhh. maybe they'll reconsider this. just only for the latter time of the event. XD. and there is a levy too.
  12. Azriel

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    awww sad. but it's fine if they deciline it anyway. they know what's best for the server
  13. Azriel

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Good day GMs and Devs. I would like to suggest something for the latter part of the coronavirus event. Im thinking, what if we put a Converter NPC(Just like the NPC for converting Silverine fruit to Mora Coins, but with levy) for the Materials of this event and put some leverage. here's the example: Virus DNA = Antibody Serum ( for this to be converted you need to pay atleast 1 Appreciation Token) the same goes for Elderberry = Elder Tree Oil; Empty Syringe = Sharp Needle. and if Possible: 5 Virus DNA = 1 Empty Syringe/Sharp Needle or 2 Elder Tree oil/Elderberry ( Costs 2 tokens or) and vice versa. But Fruit Basket, Tissue, Gloves, and Face Mask isn't convertible. Why am i thinking this? for us not to waste all the materials we have all farmed for more than a month. Especially for those players who doesn't have fortuna cards or those who do not use Bbgums. I implore you. Please consider this suggestion. Thank you very much.
  14. Azriel

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    yeah. i forgot to say that. but instead of moving, i jump as a solution. but damn, i lost many chances wasted killing tissue fairy, mutated bat, and such. Guess ill observe more. thanks for this.
  15. Azriel

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    I have a few concern: 1. When Ranger AutoCast Wind Blade, my Character stuck up for 3 to 5 seconds. how to fix this? 2. When a Mutated Bat is Killed and loots are for pick-up. Sometimes when i pick up(fruit Basket,Token). The game crashes.