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  1. oriana

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    @HaZe when will be the phase2 of the event will start? Thanks more power
  2. oriana

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Active time farm farm farm more! Lets get this doneeeee yeahhhh
  3. oriana

    DreamerRO Achievements

    Thank you for the info but issue is that i had is i reach the Hunter lvl4 and the Daily Grind lvl4 as well, and then I just got the 15b rewards for the Hunter lvl4 after that no other else given which that website saying you will get a destiny helm. Now I don't bother creating a ticket on this. Since I got two destiny helm for my other alt char. I wish the reward is given or return back to the old rewards saying 75b for Hard work pays off. Hehe
  4. oriana

    DreamerRO Achievements

    Hi Gm @HaZe I just wanna consult something about the " Hard Work Pays Off " achievement. Base on the recent update listed in the forums it say Helm of Destiny is the prize but I haven't get that even I completed the achievement.I only got 15b zeny, In game it says 75b for completing on the said achievement. So I'm wondering why and it is possible that was a bugged? Just want some clarification on this especially I didn't get the said reward from the " Hard Work Pays Off " completion. More power and expecting for a response thanks... IGN " OgheeJamal 06 "
  5. oriana

    Selling And Buying Some Stuff

    hi sir how much is your blood stone?