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  1. Somniii~

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    Hi @HaZe ! Do we get those free weapons like snow katar again? Thank youuu
  2. For pure elu/ori, you can purchase these from players or at combat coin shop, division shop, event manager in caspen, or at the donation mall at go 49. You can also obtain it through PYL in casino or WOF in Battlegrounds. For the pure elu/ori fragments, you can get these through mining, PYL in casino, or instances like faceworm nest, old glast heim, and horror factory. Around 1-2 fragments per run for OGH and Horror factory. Faceworm Queen drops 1 pure oridecon fragment. you'll need 5 fragments to forge the pure elu/ori.
  3. Somniii~


    1. If you plan on using GX for instances, I recommend you do Horror Factory, Malangdo Culvert, and Old Glast Heim. On this three instances, most of the equipments are similar, and that is you'll need 100% magic reflect gear, Creed Helm and maybe an Anti-knock back armor or shield. Differences to it would be what elements you'll use for example, malangdo you'll need wind element, horror factory would be neutral and ghost (for kimi), and ogh would be water, fire, holy, and dark. Most of the elemental converters can be found in dRO Tool Dealer tho so~. For holy element, you can obtain it in Horror Factory where Kimi drops it or in STP. If you plan on using RG for instances, Good instances you could do are Faceworm Nest and Orc's Memory. While you could do these with GX too, I find using RG for these instances more easier to do. You'll need GC and Sacrifice Build for it. I usually just change 3 items to change to sacrifice and gc, which are boots, weapon and Middle HG. 4. I don't use RG for Addax so i have no comment here. hehe~ 6. GX is a good farmer for instances(as I stated earlier), but if you want to do lets say Zeph missions, Warlock with their AoE skills, Genetic with Illusion Doping, and Ranger with their long range would be best. GX is the best for instances with 3rd jobs enabled because of the quick clear of mobs and also high DPS to MVPs with their Rolling Cutter, EDP and also Dark Claw for MVPs. With Creed Helm and the right gears, you almost won't die inside and instances. 7. I used to mine a lot before when I started dRO last year. It was during the pandemic so I was able to mine at least a good 8hrs everyday for a month or 2 until I got bored of it lol. My current level(i didn't mine again heh) is 130. I think around my first week, I was able to forge a Magnetite Armor which fetched me around 30-35b that time when the prices were still really high. Sooo maybe in a week or 2 you could do the same? But mining to be honest needs a lot of patience. Which I unfortunately lost while mining. :--) So yeah hopefully this could be of help, and if you have any questions for builds in instances, just pm me in game. I'm usually using Rosario. << with the dot
  4. Somniii~

    Easter Event Farming Guide

    HOW TO EFFICIENTLY FARM ON EASTER EVENT with a GX On this build, you don't need an armor or a garment or even cards except for the weapon and accessories cause meh why waste zeny, right right right? With this build you can technically get at least 1k eggs on the Easter Egg Hunt! Stats Build: Str so you can carry dem loots~ Dex and Agi just get 195 aspd and hit so you can hit em bootilicious mobs Luk isn't needed but who doesn't like chocolate bars??? Item Build: Top Headgear : Any HG that has an auto cast bolt skill like Rainy Cloud, Fluffy Sheep Hood, etc. (NOTE: you can get Rainy Cloud at @warp alexa_in 82 156 by talking to nyancat and choosing Special Surprise) Mid Headgear : Black Mini Glasses, Ranged Drake's Jacket or any mid hg with same effects (+2 range) (NOTE: you can get black mini glasses at @warp casp_in01 98 190 and talk to Optical Solutions dude) Lower Headgear : Purple Bubbles Aura(use daily quest tokens), Nightvision Glasses, Flocking Bats Aura or any lower hg with a +4 range Weapons : Snow's Katar event exclusive weapon Elemental Sword with Baby Garm Card, Mutant Dragonoid Card or Fused Baphomet Card. I use 2 baby garms and a fused bapho but to each their own Shoes : any shoes with an Eddga Card for the endure effect, or any shoes with permanent endure effect (not necessary btw but its a good addition for the endure effect) Accessory : 2 Mercury Relics which can be bought or forged or get lucky and use the forge coupon on Achievement Manager at caspen 173 189. If you dont have any mercury relic, you can use Ring of Flame Lords OR 2 accessories with owl duke and owl baron combo for the 5% lightning bolt and lex aeterna effect. it doubles your bolts apparently =x Movement around the map!!! Technically you want to farm as efficiently as possible, right? Just head over to Alt+M and put @jump on Alt+1 and you're good to go! By using @jump, you don't have to walk around looking for other targets like eggs or MVPs. If you want to hunt bosses just divide this map into 9 little squares and set a @jump with coordinates on alts 2-0 and jump around those areas because the MVPs will do the same lol ezpz~ ~OVERALL~ just enjoy the event and have fuuun~ STAY SAFE AND PLAY DRO!!!
  5. Somniii~

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Yes, it was in the announcements that stated I killed it. Then that might be the case, thanks for the clarification!
  6. Somniii~

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Hello! I just killed the hateful rabbit event mvp and it didn't give me a single drop and according to the @mi, it should be 100% drop rate for BB and War Supplies. Hopefully it could be looked at cause it might be bugged. Thanks~