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  1. PhilMill

    BUY and SELL

  2. PhilMill


    i wanna buy 100 EE are you on>?
  3. PhilMill

    BUY and SELL

  4. PhilMill

    DreamerRO Observation

    loving this kind of memes haha
  5. PhilMill

    Overgeared I & II

    Can I join? I am active in zeph, wof and DQ.
  6. Price Check: +8 Rustic Manteau

  7. PhilMill


    Can I go for 45B on book of toth?
  8. PhilMill

    BUY and SELL

  9. PhilMill

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Yes please some players like me are only using punk beanie for BB farming so i hope the nerfs coming from auto sb will not take effect outside pvp.
  10. Able to farm for SoH and 60k tokens and complete farm set and event farm set (for future 1111 damages) lol thank you GM Haze im done with the event! 😄 But what's more important is us to understand how hard it is to deal with the pandemic both Homeliners and Frontliners in real life, this game event teaches us that the vaccine is not just one click away. Humanity has to work on it with time and risk hand in hand.

  11. PhilMill

    BUY and SELL

  12. PhilMill

    BUY and SELL

  13. PhilMill

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Help we need those weeds from trees lol i get like 1000 syringes and needles and i got 0 elderberry stuff lmao
  14. PhilMill

    BUY and SELL

  15. PhilMill

    [L.O.S.] League of Shadows

    Hi bro dami ng bago sa server lalo na sa items. back from scratch pa haha saan ka tamabay?