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  1. moumantai

    [QoL] Client Changes

    can we have a command that can enable/disable bg emblems above players pls. ty.
  2. moumantai

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    are there any grfs that removes the emblems ontop of our char's head during bg/woe? ty.
  3. moumantai

    Suggestion For PVP

    my suggestion is that if we want pvp to be active, we need to stop giving rewards to highest kill count, but we should give constant rewards to ppl who play AB in HA. killers get dm points for killing players (also 5 dtoks for 500pvp) and AB gets no rewards at all, so it is just fair if ab gets rewards for being active inside pvp. If we apply xadsyath’s suggestion in HA (badge reward for being in pvp, located here: http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/39490-pvp-total-revamp/) but applicable to AB only, it might encourage newbies and veterans alike to play AB and enter PvP. Currently parties are always unorganized as everyone is most likely to play killer because no person would choose to play AB as the job does not benefit the user at all. We should encourage new players to play AB and get rewards in PvP as it is the most crucial job in PvP (HA), and yet no new players will be encouraged to play AB cause no rewards at all. 1.) AB is the most important job in a pt for war. If there are more ABs in pt, more likely players will pvp more. 2.) it encourages newbie to practice survivability and slowly transition to playing DPS job. 3.) even if a newbie plays AB, he/she can have a huge game impact in wars even amongst veterans. I think to encourage for pvp to grow, ppl with noob knowledge about the game should play support first. Comparing it to other games (dota, league, ML, etc.), newbies would always play support first then slowly transition to playing other roles. In dro, it should be the same concept as these games. People would rather give chances for a newbie AB to join their party rather than a newbie who players killer would do nothing in PVP besides dying to enemy.
  4. Who uses kades and gring in HA wars, that dude deserves a trophy.

    1. wyiorrrrrr


      xD no wonder always rip 24/7

  5. moumantai

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Pls dont atk me about ninja, I had told everyone to fix this bug a very long time ago. Plz see this link, “ .” @@???
  6. moumantai

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Ninja’s huuma dmg is quite balanced in 2nds PvP. If huuma is not paired w/ earth charm, the skill does average damage. My suggestion would be not to nerf huuma’s damage, but fix the bug where earth charm (normally a disabled skill in HA) can be bypassed and brought to HA by buffing in town and entering 2nds PvP. I disagree with both SS and grimtooth being op. I feel that both skills are doing just decent dmg and doesnt need to be lowered.
  7. moumantai

    how to (be) tame(d) (by) a novice (SN PVP Guide)

    wind armor w/ nydc also good option to have to burst ppl while counter maya at same time also optional to combo w/ gioia but need to switch fast (n mostly use under pneuma only).