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  1. Who uses kades and gring in HA wars, that dude deserves a trophy.

    1. wyiorrrrrr


      xD no wonder always rip 24/7

  2. moumantai

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Pls dont atk me about ninja, I had told everyone to fix this bug a very long time ago. Plz see this link, “ .” @@???
  3. moumantai

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Ninja’s huuma dmg is quite balanced in 2nds PvP. If huuma is not paired w/ earth charm, the skill does average damage. My suggestion would be not to nerf huuma’s damage, but fix the bug where earth charm (normally a disabled skill in HA) can be bypassed and brought to HA by buffing in town and entering 2nds PvP. I disagree with both SS and grimtooth being op. I feel that both skills are doing just decent dmg and doesnt need to be lowered.
  4. moumantai

    how to (be) tame(d) (by) a novice (SN PVP Guide)

    wind armor w/ nydc also good option to have to burst ppl while counter maya at same time also optional to combo w/ gioia but need to switch fast (n mostly use under pneuma only).