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  1. KaedeKyl9

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Dunno if someone mentioned about it, gotta say that Draven NPC there a little problem, the hat called Demon Minstrel Hat dont exchange with Halloween coin, but Evil Lord Mask, and there 2 different price, why?
  2. KaedeKyl9

    Its becoming frustrating

    me too, Warlock, MapleHydra
  3. KaedeKyl9

    Its becoming frustrating

    I wonder how long the gm gonna solve this problem? before the coronavirus event ended, or maybe not, they are always so slow on this
  4. KaedeKyl9

    Instant Max Level & Premium Stylist

    Guys, after the patch today, I had many times this window saying that Gepard program detected ''cheat tools''???? which i don't use, even I leave it as AFK, the games still closes nonetheless, always, which it's becoming anonying. Again, I don't use cheats, I was using my Ranger and also Warlock, to see if the problems persist, and yeah, still persist!!! I think the patch today is quite buggy. Edited: Not only that, it crashes even during the event STP, it resets all points i killed before, all wasted. People said to me it been like that since always, and WHY?? Why the patch make Gepard Shield so buggy? What cheat tools it talked about? I don't even use nor know cheat codes, I have my Chrome open and that's it, same as always before. How do I fix it?
  5. KaedeKyl9

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    Should work for next Poring Catcher event. So you won't give me tokens? for being unfinished implementation?
  6. KaedeKyl9

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    No covid tokens from poring event!!!! it's today! friday 17
  7. Where is my Battra3's points? doesn't figure here!!! it' my secondary avatar.

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    2. KaedeKyl9


      I don't know who manage or how, I will ask them now. And it is not combined, not yet, but hope they are not afk right now

    3. Xileria


      Overgeared weekly points was normally recorded and sent by your leaders for tallying every monday. However this week, I myself recorded the points from the board before reset and didn't see any other points there except for battra.

      Now one of Overgeared II leader, also recorded the points. This is to ensure that none of the points will be missed, but he also didn't see any extra points for your other character there.

      Your points last monday can be seen in the salary log here.

      Now if you have issues with your points, make sure you have backup screenshots to support your claim. That way your leaders can confirm if there's any discrepancy in the board points.

    4. Latte


      This is why i forbid dual char in guild it messes with merit table

      you might wanna be consistent on 1 char only from now on

      I got moved to OG2 as your leader last week i dont even know who and who battra is lol