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  1. Difficulty Scale: Rates how difficult a BG game mode is in comparison to other modes. Example: 1 = Easy & 5 = Hard Rate the following BG Game Modes for Difficulty Capture the Flag - 3 Triple Inferno - 5 Eye of the Storm - 2 Team Deathmatch - 4 Domination - 4 Rush - 5 Conquest - 3 Bossnia - 1 Stone Control - 2 =============================================== Average Round Duration: An estimate of how long each BG mode typically lasts. (Example: 45 sec or 10 min). Note: Please add an guess estimate for every mode. Capture the Flag - 7 Triple Inferno - 8 Eye of the Storm - 10 Team Deathmatch - 5 Domination - 7 Rush - 8 Conquest - 7 Bossnia - 5 Stone Control - 6 =============================================== Favorite BG Game Modes: Number the game modes below from least favorite to favorite. Example: 1 would be your least favorite game mode and 9 would be your favorite game mode. Note: No two modes should have the same number. Each mode must be numbered from 1 to 9 without repeating numbers. Capture the Flag - 8 Triple Inferno - 3 Eye of the Storm - 2 Team Deathmatch - 5 Domination - 4 Rush - 1 Conquest - 7 Bossnia - 9 Stone Control - 6 IGN: Frostglow
  2. arabelle

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    oh noo i thought the NPC to exchange vaccines + the corona virus shop would at least stay for another 1-2 days because for the time being people would be occupied with collecting materials
  3. arabelle

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    it ended on 23:59 on May 10 so i guess we still have few more rounds of farming
  4. arabelle


    I've just been playing on for around 3 weeks probably and still getting the hang of everything XD it's different yet the same from the RO i played many years ago. My ign is frostglow/rozabelle just pm me bc i'd like to make friends~ (though i played the latter mostly for current event's farming lol) Hope you enjoy your time
  5. arabelle

    Moonlight Sonata.'s Event Grinding Tips

    nice guide! can i ask where to find elemental sword? it said cobalt mineral but i can't access the guild dungeon
  6. arabelle

    RG Sacrifice MVP's & Caspen Dungeon for Newbies (Cheap)

    this guide works so fine that me a complete newbie could killed mvps in no time thank you!
  7. arabelle


    quest zeph + raid event, kadang ada yg buff zeny sejam farming bisa 2b+ haha
  8. arabelle

    2020 Newbie's Draconus Guide

    just killed draconus using my warlock by following this guide. thanks! but instead of punk beanie i wear bunny hoodie from the event vending machine (900 appreciation tokens. exact same effect). and orlean's server with alice + wool scarf with raydric. brought a lot of mastela fruit though lol