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  1. Dicaearchus

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

  2. Dicaearchus


    Been playing since 2009 ( iirc ) then got scammed so byeee coz I'm B0B0 H@H@H@ RIP
  3. RIP Dicaearchus 2013 - 2018

    1. Magna Divinus
    2. Xero


      Finally sold your account?

  4. Need help sir regarding my IP ADDRESS, it is banned and it will be my first time playing this server. 

    Hi DreamerRo and all the developers, my friend asked me to join him in this server and linked me through your download site. I immediately downloaded it and installed it on my computer, registered my email and created an account, but when I log-in it said "rejected by the server(3)" I tried every possible solution I can, I even restarted my computer but it still the same results. So I tried to visit the site, log-in my username password and boom, it said "IP ADDRESS banned." So yeah, please help me coz this will be my only stress reliever aside from exercising. 

  5. Dicaearchus

    E weapon bug on cod -2 kills per death

    Maybe its because of penalty for RGs ( if you kill yourself = -2 weapon kills ). Did you die from reflect / burn ( from your on skills eg. Hell Inferno, Comet, etc )?
  6. Spiral pierce doesn't really need a boost atm since it already bypass flee and deals a decent damage. Please remove the boost.
  7. Dicaearchus


    Do I really need to post SS just to prove Asura can 1 hit everything ATM?