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  1. Dicaearchus

    Elite Enchantress

    Cloak with 30% elem resist? hehehe NO
  2. Dicaearchus

    Need Help in ToG Sura

    ride of lightning / Skynet. lure them all first then spam RIL, bring converters iirc theyre ghost elem. ( thana mobs ) or is it the snipers? i already forgot the mobs there, its been years since the last time i finished it.
  3. Dicaearchus

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    this ronpogs is so bobo, cant farm? go donate then since u flexing your $$$ years ago. haze already gave players ( who doesnt have time to farm ) a chance to get the sprite thru donating which is a win-win situation for both donator and the server. i dont know if u really care about the server or just dumbshit suggesting dumb ideas just enjoy the game
  4. Dicaearchus

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    the only things that bothers me is the exchange rate for Aqua Souls, imo it should be around 100 coins (or atleast 70) considering its droprate and rarity. casual farmers probably gets around 6 per day or maybe less depending on their luck (and faith to RNGESUS), hardcore farmer maybe around 10+
  5. Dicaearchus

    Royal Guard Guide by Dicaearchus

    this one http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36968-royal-guard-guide-pve-dicaearchus/
  6. Dicaearchus

    Any old timers around

    still alive
  7. I should have won that event, mine was the best. sadlyf 🤣

    1. GM Snow

      GM Snow

      I forgot to honorable mention yours i ‘twas definitely a masterpiece 

  8. Dicaearchus

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    Booooooooooooo mines better
  9. Dicaearchus

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    can we change the weight of the loots? same with bg badges/zeny bag?
  10. Dicaearchus

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    my pro paint skillzs
  11. Dicaearchus

    +8 or +10 safe refine ticket

  12. Dicaearchus


    despite against the odds, we managed to wipe them effortlessly. we're in dire need of financial assistance, would be nice if someone would fight
  13. Dicaearchus

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    I kill amda