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  1. Dicaearchus

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    I kill amda
  2. Dicaearchus

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    Its like this Use GX if you want to finish OGH fast but its expensive since you need to use high end gears. Clearing it will still be hard even if you have the right equipment since you still need technical skills. Use RG if you want to farm coagulated spells efficiently with mid range gears but its gonna take a while to kill amdarais. Clearing should be easy since you only need to use sac against raydrics then GC the rest of the mobs. My average time with RG is 40mins
  3. Dicaearchus

    Wolfchev's Laboratory

    you can access it
  4. Dicaearchus

    Royal Guard Guide ( PvE ) - Dicaearchus

    didnt have lilith card back then so i used gtb for Storm gust
  5. Why didn't you report your "friends" too?

  6. Dicaearchus

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    its never too late since we still got around 20days til the event ends.
  7. Dicaearchus

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Why not put rewards when finishing Combat Missions? Ex. Lv1 CM = 150 coins, Lv2 CM = 250, Lv3 = 350 ..... This will make BG active
  8. Dicaearchus

    Forge Failing

    Call all your saints then pray to RNGesus
  9. Dicaearchus

    Royal Guard Guide ( PvE ) - Dicaearchus

    Was too lazy to decard well it still works tho since u only need the damage from medal of honor
  10. Dicaearchus

    Royal Guard Guide ( PvE ) - Dicaearchus

    No shit sherlock This build is hybrid, I didn't put too much eq for switching purposes since its going to be a disadvantage instead. Too much switching will not benefit you. Well if it really bothers you you can put gem of pneuma or gem of safety.
  11. Dicaearchus

    Royal Guard Guide ( PvE ) - Dicaearchus

    Updated since I'm bored atm, will add bg build later
  12. Dicaearchus


  13. Dicaearchus

    PK Contest [July]

  14. Dicaearchus