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  1. IrisdeArmelia


    Gamble still a gamble... dont put hope for those kind of gamble... any kind of gamble just chill with snack
  2. learn to accept other people opinion if you dont want people reject your opinion...do wise decision

  3. IrisdeArmelia

    doing for best memory

    im sorry we cant talk much dear...if u wanna say anything find me in fb okie... im quite busy with real life stuff...i do miss dro thats why i come even tho just for a minute but at least i can meet u guys its enough for me... i will comeback when the right time... jaa ne
  4. IrisdeArmelia

    doing for best memory

    lol.... im not leaving cuz of suggestion lol...im just busy in real life..plus this just a game.. i dont want just becuz of game i got obsseseed on... so better im focusing on reall life..and ramadhan is happened right? so its going to be being..so u should know the reason before okie and if i wanna play later i will play...
  5. IrisdeArmelia

    doing for best memory

    As for player more than a year I also make some video and turn it to memory. Cuz I know its will come the time I got a call that I'm going rest from dro.. FOR a lot of reason.. when I will visit when i want to but for now, I'm goin to be inactive... Those of my edit stuff and its credit from Dreamer ro of my character... my lovely memory ~ my happy memory not a goodbye...just drop by ~
  6. Beware on our word..its even more sharper than a sword. A TONGUE CAN KILL MANY PEOPLE LIFE RATHER THAN A SWORD

  7. U think something wrong here huh? Right solution is fixed urself before fixed other people okay

  8. Truthfully, the one need is something goes wrong is attitude. Not being positive and stab back everywhere. Thats why everything going to messsed up. Dont blame people.. Blame ourselves..blame urself ^^ 

  9. IrisdeArmelia

    Looking for my long lost RO friend Airi/Aireen

    IM SURE THATS NOT ME XD im a newbie lol... and im not pregnant!! never married lol
  10. IrisdeArmelia

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Thanks for the event gm and staff that work for it im looking forward for more in the next phase xD lot of love
  11. IrisdeArmelia

    Player Malaysia 2020

    Hahahah....why?? Since u r senpai?? Apa yg boleh dpt kalau panggil onii san?? Ign apa ye???
  12. IrisdeArmelia

    Player Malaysia 2020

    hi...newbie here..teach me senpai
  13. IrisdeArmelia

    Player Malaysia 2020

    Takut jd org gila bila tiba jer ckp melayu hahah..ohh kopi jantan tu still aktif lagi ye...? Biasa tgk nama dia naik... Whattt??? VietDog dr malaysia juga ke??? Hahha saya hari2 buatkan dq dia Escadrill tak pernah nampak tp pernah tgk nama dia naik Tak usha lagi kat go 32 tu
  14. IrisdeArmelia

    Player Malaysia 2020

    Ohhh sebab tak pernah nampak...yg tahu org ph je banyak sangat haha
  15. IrisdeArmelia

    Player Malaysia 2020

    Ramai ke player malaysia kat dreamer ro??