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  1. CheezeCurds

    Hai there xD

    nice generic unhelpfull reply
  2. CheezeCurds

    Hai there xD

    I used to play RO about 14 years ago . I joined here a few months ago but have not really gotten into it due to a lack of people to interact with and explain to me the ins and out as much research as i do on the forums it seems a lot fo the farming guides are a few years old . And i have cashed my way to elite hero lol to see if tha thelped in any way and followed a basic caspen farming guide but aside from these basics, i get rekt in pvp and what not, i would like to find people to have fun with and help me out being less noob, and dont get me wrong im not looking for freebies i can farm for myself and whatnot. But yeah support would be appreciated in game . Hopefully i stick around for more then a few days this time around ^^
  3. CheezeCurds

    new and lookinf for a guild

    thank you will do
  4. CheezeCurds

    new and lookinf for a guild

    I dont know if there is any place in here for this epcificaly, but i started playing about 2 weeks ago i am hero level B, i can farm caspen dun relatively efficiently, most mvp aswell, jsut havent touched the pvp side of it all lookingh for a good guild ot join to help me stay in touch with the game and not bored as i have been getting