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  1. Skat Ty

    New Forging Headgears

    +1 to this. instead of unbreakable it should be Immunity to strip.
  2. Skat Ty

    BG and PVP Class Feedback

    In BG, "Sorcerer or Warlock" They can easily kill people. Because most of the jobs are not always wearing GTB,DH or any magic redux so that sorce,wl do alot more damage to them. In 3rds PVP 1v1, i think the most OP is "Mechanic". OP damage + Neutral Barrier All misc skill MISS like flip tatami, + Front Slide , Back slide, and dont ever get status im surely you will be dead of "Self Destruction" 7m - 14m damage. Followed by: "RG" becuz of OP damage as well, + Kings Grace + Shield Spell - "Genetic" becuz of AD + CC counter elements, Sling + Slim Potion, Homun S - "Ninja" still OP damage + flip tatami.
  3. Skat Ty

    PK Contest [July]

    Top 3 Killers in Hero Arena: 1. Ninja 2. Ninja 3. Ninja Top 3 Killers in Duel arena: 1. Ninja 2. Ninja 3. Ninja