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  1. GetNuked

    Hi I'm 1ogic

    See you around
  2. GetNuked

    Christmas Event Feedback

    1. In your estimate how much time did you spent during this event? Just enough to get the headgears/items I want. Stopped farming after xD 2. Which event/npc did you like the most about the Christmas Event? Boss raid event and headgear npcs. 3. Which event/npc did you dislike the most about the Christmas Event? Paragon, because RNG said no. 4. Did you participate in the raffle? Did you get anything? Yes. Got the garment in 2nd try. hax huehue 5. If you could change one thing about the event, what would it be? Last reward on daily log in, not a big deal tho. 6. If you could add something new to the event, what would it be? MORE HEADGEARS. 7. In scale of 1-10 where 1 is the lowest, how will you rate your enjoyment of this event? Why? 10/10. Because I got everything I wanted in this event. Thanks for the event!
  3. GetNuked

    Indonesian Lounge -

    taun baru duluan dong wkwk
  4. Shadow force wings and/or Bloodmoon/moonlight wings!!!
  5. GetNuked


    You should be already able to afford them since you have played for 2 years, bring out those zennies = ez rare
  6. GetNuked

    Warlock Draconus

    EZiest draconus (temple) kill strat that applies for any class: Kill time depends on your luck to proc asura strike, usually less than a min or 2, OR more if you are really unlucky lols (RIP RNG) 1. Equip your returners set. 2. Get ring of flame lord and resonance (really cheap) for asura strike proc. 3. For stats get enough str for atk and holding yggs, agi for 195 atspd, int for sp (u need for asura) and vit like 100-200 is enough. 4. Auto attack draconus and wait for asura strike to proc, use your free 60 ygg berries to heal and replenish sp, they are enough (you can come back if you die anyways). 5. Loot that draconus scale. EDIT: You can also use v4p punk beanie for auto SB
  7. GetNuked


    gimme fortuna plzzzz
  8. GetNuked

    Variant Rares Update

    @HaZe Is it possible for you to make an option to be able to turn the variants into costume and able to turn it back to normal? Like another option for variants, not just switching stats/effect. Nice new variants btw
  9. GetNuked

    Autoloot list: AutoHotkey script

    Loot all cards and etc/misc items, they can all be used for daily quests and scavenger hunt. Use @aloottype +6 for cards and @aloottype +3 for etc/miscs in game. These commands will be useful while doing zeph, you will be killing lots of mobs and gain loots at the same time, also zeny as a reward for finishing your zeph mission. I suggest making an extra account and guild dedicated for storing cards and misc. You won't want your main account storage to be full of cards and miscs. Don't delete a character while it's in the guild or else you will get bugged and won't be able to open your guild storage until server reboot.
  10. GetNuked

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    gimme cards pl0x
  11. GetNuked

    random server spikes

    server badly needs a reboot, +1 to this
  12. GetNuked

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    Congratulations to the winners, great works!
  13. GetNuked

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Damn, that sword looks awesome! Will they be purchasable with zeny just like the previous events?
  14. GetNuked

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Your character might be having too many auto cast stuffs and server has limit on it, as @Irish Heart said when I asked about this