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  1. wyiorrrrrr

    random server spikes

    hence i bump this because i noticed it too. i think they should reboot every before friday woe?
  2. wyiorrrrrr

    random server spikes

    any updates regarding on this?
  3. wyiorrrrrr

    random server spikes

    @HaZe dont mean to annoy you with this but we are just hoping that we could pull some updates on you of whats ur thoughts regarding on this? it's been way back 2nd week of dec when i sent you ticket about the said situation and i dont see any reason why this is getting ignored
  4. wyiorrrrrr

    random server spikes

    it's been more than a week tbh but yes idk im not sure if it brings any downside to the server if we have weekly reboot for a better gameplay but let's wait until then for their decision
  5. wyiorrrrrr

    random server spikes

    yikes. i hope they take this a sign after having the same problem time to time but lets hope for the best
  6. wyiorrrrrr

    random server spikes

  7. wyiorrrrrr

    random server spikes

    can we have server reboot like every once a week coz server can get buggy a little sometimes and it kinda fks up the skills e.g rolling cutter stops every 5x spam which i think, it should be continous? and such. i'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who notices this. thanks xoxo
  8. wyiorrrrrr

    GM abuse, well bye to my favourite server

    im just joking. i love you go 10. you can stay there and chat with us
  9. interval skill delay? 🤨

    1. verrdii


      reduce ping pls

    2. wyiorrrrrr


      eh its not server lag but it seems there's a delay in spamming skills lol idk but good thing, im not the only one who noticed it xD

  10. wyiorrrrrr

    PvP Balancing Discussion

  11. wyiorrrrrr

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    ok pls fix my katar @HaZe xDD https://imgur.com/a/ugmmULG
  12. wyiorrrrrr

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    and i read some post about sorc having lower hp than wl?? xDD
  13. wyiorrrrrr

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    10% demi u say? xDDD
  14. wyiorrrrrr

    Battleground Duration & Difficulty Survey

    Difficulty Scale: Rates how difficult a BG game mode is in comparison to other modes. Example: 1 = Easy & 5 = Hard Rate the following BG Game Modes for Difficulty Capture the Flag - 4 Triple Inferno - 2 Eye of the Storm - 2  Team Deathmatch - 4 Domination - 2 Rush - 4 Conquest - 4 Bossnia - 1 Stone Control - 3 =============================================== Average Round Duration: An estimate of how long each BG mode typically lasts. (Example: 45 sec or 10 min) Capture the Flag - 4 Triple Inferno - 5 Eye of the Storm - 3 Team Deathmatch - 5 Domination - 3 Rush - 5 Conquest - 5 Bossnia - 2 Stone Control - 3 =============================================== Favorite BG Game Modes: Number the game modes below from least favorite to favorite. Example: 1 would be your least favorite game mode and 9 would be your favorite game mode. Capture the Flag - 4 Triple Inferno - 6 Eye of the Storm - 4 Team Deathmatch - 7 Domination - 4 Rush - 9 Conquest - 9 Bossnia - 9 Stone Control - 4
  15. wyiorrrrrr

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild