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  1. Hey fam, if there are any newbies out there who want to band together and stumble our way to the top at our own pace, I created a guild for us:) If you want an invite just leave your character name and Ill send u an invite! I just started it, but I hope to grow it with new like-minded players who have no need for speed clears, or end game min maxing meta content, and just want to learn (or re-learn if you're a returnee) the game and explore and play however we want! I already have a guild hall for us, and itll grow as we do! I also have a noob friendly alliance too! So come on down and join up if you don't know which secondary profession is best, what in the heck a DoA or an Armbrace is, and ya just want a casual family to stumble through the game with:) Comment or PM me for an invite:) Update: My issue has been solved, thank you. Update: My issue has been solved, thank you. happymod