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  1. 1993-

    Grey Map for Dreamero

    What if i want to bring it back to the normal map?
  2. 1993-

    DreamerRO Market - [@go market]

    It is now 300 badge per dtoken. Sad.
  3. 1993-


    I've died like 3 times. But not disconnected.
  4. 1993-


    I have level 3 weapon and around 1600 div exp points.
  5. 1993-


    Just wanna ask why am i not getting event salary on STP? I got like 500-600 exp and still not getting salary. I got it once. But for the last 2 events. It says that im not qualified. Enlighten me please.
  6. 1993-

    BG event?

    Already did. No one's joining.
  7. 1993-

    BG event?

    What should we do now? LOL. There's nothing to do with dreamer RO without BG