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  1. lalunafelis

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 2

    An off topic question(but still related to events, so...), since this got me curious: is there gonna be something like an Easter event in the future?
  2. lalunafelis

    Just thought of sharing

    I don't do a lot of RO art, and when I do, it's usually my favorite anime characters dressed as RO classes. Thought I'd share some art of mine. BTW the anime is Mashin Hero Wataru. https://www.deviantart.com/lalunafelis/art/Wataru-X-RO-1-Rune-Knight-Wataru-799961105 https://www.deviantart.com/lalunafelis/art/Wataru-X-RO1-Guillotine-Cross-Toraoh-800873238 https://www.deviantart.com/lalunafelis/art/Wataru-X-RO1-Royal-Guard-Umihiko-803268851
  3. lalunafelis

    Heaven Flower Quest

    Hi, I seem to be having the same problem as the TC, but with another character. The character saying "come back later" but still the same message after waiting for a day.
  4. lalunafelis

    Heaven Flower Quest

    Never mind, I think it works now. Thank you.
  5. lalunafelis

    Heaven Flower Quest

    I used the @hero command and it says that I finished the Heavenly Flowers quest in the 2nd page.
  6. lalunafelis

    Heaven Flower Quest

    I can't access the Monster Arena because of this. Is this a bug worth reporting or do I need something fixed in my patch?
  7. lalunafelis

    Heaven Flower Quest

    Stupid noob question. I brought the flower and I was told that I need to have at least 200 Honor Kills. Does that mean I'm required to have kills in the PvP arena? Bringing this up here since it's not mentioned in the wiki.