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    Need help as I don't even know what I'm doing.

    Start with defining your goal/objective. I'd assume that you play for fun. You should start with defining what part of the game makes it extremely fun for you? Is it PVP, PVM or doing instances? Then you could ask where it is best to start if you aim to do PVP or something in the long run. Let them know as well if there is a class you prefer to play as this will also help in providing you options or suggestions on where to farm, get your gears, focus your builds, etc. If there is none, try checking out the Hero Quest and Elite Hero Quest as these provide you bonus stat points, skill points and Elite Weapons and Division Gloves with great effects to use in the game. Regarding treasure hunt, it is just a matter of luck. If I remember correctly treasure hunts happen exactly every 13 minute (HH:13:00) and 43 minute (HH:43:00) mark of the time. So people normally warp to the treasure hunt map on 12 minute and 50 seconds (HH:12:50) mark and 42 minute and 50 seconds (HH:42:50) mark then either get lucky with a treasure box, unlucky with a decoy or not find a treasure box at all. There are towns with server time for easier tracking (@warp geffen 125 110). For questing headgears, yes it is quite bothersome to farm hundreds of materials for a single headgear but some of them are worth it. Personally I farmed the Sage Ring a couple of times for personal use and for selling purposes. Best thing to do is be efficient in farming, you can use Warlock (Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion) or Genetic (Illusion Doping) to farm faster. They have AoE skills that really cuts down the time. And of course, with what Latte mentioned: The two classes above also helped me finish Zeph missions between 5 to 15 minutes personally, depending on difficulty. For the regular MVPs, you can kill them with just the Returner's set. For the custom ones and the ones in the instances, you will need more gears as Latte mentioned. Most of the people are AFK, but try going on different towns as there are people who aren't. When I started, I tried going from @go 0 to @go 50 looking for people to play with. In case you catch me in game, I might be available to help. IGN: Moonlit.
  2. moonlitblackcats


    I came back just to downvote you for a baseless accusation. If it isn't, please include proof/s for your claim.
  3. Got warped to caspen after losing Survival. Walked upwards a bit then Snerue talked to me like that. I just remembered people reporting him or complaining about him for being rude, perverted and whatnot; and this might help if in any case there are any pending reports or real reports. Cheers!
  4. moonlitblackcats

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Thank you for the response and thank you for the events.
  5. moonlitblackcats

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I second that; I don't see why both can't be released because most likely the second version will not be reused in the foreseeable future. Give people more options and would help the server sink zeny and raise funds! If possible, release the other version of the Nine Tails please. Thanks.
  6. moonlitblackcats

    Its becoming frustrating

    As you said, you've read the comments above so you should have guessed that something happened in STP, but you also mentioned that you haven't participated in STP lately so don't give opinions on things you haven't done/experienced (STP was bugged/something last time and the automatic ending of event was not applied making STP last for 1 hour and 10 minutes or so). If you have been online, you could have farmed a lot by that time. Yeah, you were working and you need to work, we understand that. It was all fixed though, so yes STP should be running great and awesome as of now (if you really entered any STP recently that you were saying is perfect). The recent ones after the bug/something is great and far more rewarding. As HaZe also mentioned: So it's not being greedy but making the event more enticing/rewarding so more players will participate. It's helping the server and not being greedy. Thank you for this, the only thing you mentioned that is the best. Just be supportive and thankful to HaZe and everyone helping him for the server.
  7. moonlitblackcats

    Its becoming frustrating

    Already did. STP now normally takes 20 minutes.
  8. moonlitblackcats

    Its becoming frustrating

    Normally, people just login at 18:20, farm 500 points and help kill the Guardians, then claim salary right away at around 18:30 - 18:40. Well, basically we need to stay online longer to claim the salary after farming the 500 points. Anyway, thanks. I guess this was just on my part, I will just check the new usual salary period time. Thanks! And I think it was mentioned on server chat that STP would run 10 minutes earlier than the usual 20 minutes? Or maybe I misread that. Anyway, thanks again.
  9. moonlitblackcats

    Its becoming frustrating

    Now, it really is becoming frustrating. A lot of people lost 350 [CV-19] Appreciation Token because of the test (the salary really is not that much but can be included as a loss). Point is, some people farmed for a week or two before trying out STP. People just needs to know the mechanics or use of elements to get 500 points fast. This is becoming more frustrating now since it would mean: For people who just wants to farm 500 points fast, kill boss and just claim salary >> We will need to wait more and monitor every minute to see if a Guardian spawns (help in killing it) and monitor every minute if all Guardians are killed (then save the princess). In the case above, can we also adjust the salary period. Suggestions: 1. Start the STP instead with just the regular monsters without the Guardians (for 10 minutes) then spawn Guardian #1, once killed spawn Guardian #2, and so on. 2. Stick with the changes that you have made and extend the salary period or have the salary claimable within the next hour after event. (STP 18:10, SALARY 19:00 - 20:00) 3. Please bring back the old STP or let us have a vote in the forums which is better once you got a good grip of the new changes you have made without any salary claiming issues. Thanks.
  10. moonlitblackcats

    New Forging Headgears

  11. moonlitblackcats

    Moonlit Black Cats' B/S/T

    Thanks, but just got one in game. I'll let you know if we need one more. Happy playing!
  12. moonlitblackcats

    Moonlit Black Cats' B/S/T

    Buying: Artifact of Trial [1] 5% MATK and 6% ACD - Leave Price Please leave offer or message me in game. I am online most of the time. IGN: Moonlit Black Cats