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  1. FutIsBack

    Maps with several MVP Boss Mobs

    Since I'm back, lemme take care and hunt all of it.
  2. FutIsBack

    Peco2 egg spawn for zephy quest

    Make sense now. Ty guys
  3. Need map for "Peco peco egg" spawn for my Zephy quest. I'm always failing now since he needs 53 kills but it only spawn 12 in one particulay maps in moroc. I already search using rayemyserver.net for possible spawn nd even search ALL maps starting in prt_fild00, pay_fild00, yuno_fild and moc_fild until all possible warps but the maximun i can kill is only 12. Is it part of d challenge(pointless though if its part) or was it moved to other maps. Please help
  4. Thanks guys. Its great to be back. Now im waiting for my elite weapon. All is payed off