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  1. OkePoke

    How can I teleport in the game?

    Commands: 1) @jump (for teleporting in same map) 2) @warp (to get to different maps/towns) 3) @go "number/town name" (to get to different towns, etc)
  2. OkePoke

    New here and stopping by to say hello!

    We do have a discord at Dreamer Ro. Do join it :) if not, there usually is quite a few people around caspen for socialising regardless of the time :) see you around in game!
  3. OkePoke

    Forge Failing

    Does praying hard works?
  4. OkePoke

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Halloween events should not take away the main purpose of Zeph quests, which was to help players get started with Zenies. Hard working players will always get more rewards, as it always should be(although this doesnt apply in real life). Also not a fan of players abusing zeph quests by delete-create characters by alternating their computer time zones. As with all players, Dreamer RO has many ways of earning rewards, whether Halloween tokens or Zenies. Admins have been very fair to all players whether new or old. I would suggest you make the most of it, participate in BG, even losing gives you rewards. And as others here have said, do Daily quests, scavenger hunts etc, a game can only more fun if you're open to new experiences. This server is already amazing as it is, and us players should do the right thing by thanking HaZe and his team for constantly working hard to provide us a relief from real life stresses.
  5. OkePoke

    Refining and Ores

    pure ori/elu fragments can be forged into an ore via Mineral forgery skill. Success rates also depends on luck and level of forging
  6. Is this why u are Santa....?
  7. Those days were worth it
  8. Ok I've made a mistake, it all sounds very painful now......
  9. OkePoke

    Another Mining bit

    Mine guardian protects the mine from destruction meaning more opportunities to dig + gaining materials. Think once maxed it gives 50% chance of protecting/extending the mine which is high amount tbf. Miner aura is important once you get to higher levels as again, when maxed its 50% chance of preventing u getting injured, its 50/50 so its one way or the other, you could feel more difference on it if you were doing manual mining rather than macro as you could defo dig deeper levels manually. Same goes to repai, its cools the drill so u have a chance to dig deeper.
  10. OkePoke

    My Experience in mining

    Thats very quick levelling tbh. You'll definitely feel different once you reach the higher level mines. Turn on some music in the background. Take a break to do something else for awhile (ie:Automated Events, Battlegrounds, etc), try your luck in the treasure boxes (if you succeed=1 boot!). Mining takes alot of patience but it is rewarding in the end, especially once you max out certain skills(ie:lynx eye, quick rest, magical detection etc). Once you get bored, theres so many other things to do in Dreamer to keep yourself unbored! Good luck and happy mining!
  11. OkePoke

    Elite Hero Quest Guide

    When i did mine, I used 4x Necromancer on staff weapon, Thara frog card on shield, Eddga On shoes, and the rest were newbie gears. I used Hell Inferno/Bolts and only used AoE skills(ie;chain lightning) occasionally if i get stuck due to high amount of mobs to "run away" I did it in a clockwise/anticlockwise pattern so it should cover the whole length of the map, @showmobs helps too.
  12. OkePoke

    B>Baphomet Doll 1set 200pc

    Buying 200pc Baphomet doll. 2b for 200pc? Offers Please!