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  1. adrian11

    Complete dRO card list

    Oh I see! That's a big help! Thanks!
  2. adrian11

    Complete dRO card list

    Thanks for helping out. But just like the Zipper Bear card which is modified in the server. Are there any known modified cards that's not sold on any NPCs?
  3. adrian11

    Complete dRO card list

    In addition, I also can't look for it in the dRO wiki as it is not clickable
  4. adrian11

    Complete dRO card list

    Hi guys! I'm a newbie to this server and it seems to me that there isn't any Card guides to help newbies like me. Does anyone here knows the custom cards here in dRO? I came across some players and told me to get a Zipper Bear card. I ignored those tips not knowing that the Zipper Bear card here in dRO gives +300 atk. In RMS, it only shows +30atk as shown below. Please help newbies like me know more about cards here that are modified and that are different from RMS. Any help would be much appreciated!