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  1. yeah sorry didn't see the vote on top, thanks
  2. Version 1 to wide when it walks, kinda like version 2 instead for both pysh or magic
  3. IceVodka

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Wow congrats on the baby @Lv1 Akikiw and @HaZe !
  4. IceVodka

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I'm waiting for the Halloween Headgear to show up
  5. IceVodka

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I'm not a Zeph farmer. I usually finish zeph in 5-10 min depending on the difficulty, monster, and map, but 20+ character per hour? either your exaggerating, lying, or been lied to. Every char has different quest means different monsters, even if you have multiple accounts receiving zeph at the same time. You would still have to farm different monsters in different maps. Alot of farmers i know can do zeph efficiently which still takes time and effort, testing and retesting different jobs and builds. If its true they can do 20+ char per hour, why can't you? that means you can do 60 chars a day assuming you play 3 hours a day Don't expect to gain the same amount against people who farm more than you. Now you will get even less
  6. IceVodka

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Will the exchange feature to items from spooky npc will available till the end of event?
  7. didnt receieve 2 ewp + glove using SOH, maybe because i had alot of 20 items in my inventory. 7 days later, still not funny
  8. IceVodka

    Old Glast Heim Guide (Newbie Friendly)

    alot of people said in here amda is holy, some mentioned using inc dmg posion monster card, there is in fact 3 elements of amda if you check @mi so i wouldnt use shadow scroll just incase it is actually holy
  9. I tried this build before using genetic., the damage was good when it actually triggers GC, but most times i find it doesnt trigger that much, sometimes it triggers where only few mob gets hit, i just used acid demonstration after that, but if you have a +8 obelisk you can use rainy cloud or plasma familiar and just walk around spamming ygg
  10. IceVodka

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    Is Amda Holy or poison or undead? Because there is 3 @mi for amdarais and amdarias lol Which one is true?
  11. IceVodka

    Its becoming frustrating

    More rewards would be nice just wondering, how long do people usually get the 750k achievement? i average 600 per run, is that bad?
  12. IceVodka

    Worldbreaker & Worldbringer BG Sets

    Fits you so well! Cant wait to try it in fitting room and see how it looks with my build
  13. IceVodka

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    nice udpate