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  1. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    Dude sometimes i feel like i would get a heartattack, till the first announcer comes"first guardians death" and i got like 50 point, and try to even focus mire then the game crash my lifetime shortened for sure cuz of that
  2. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    As i said i for example already checked the forum and my build isnt bad at all now dealing around 600-800k with DS"Ranger" But since there is too many players and killing steal while effects are of is kinda impossible cuz there are alot of aoe spell user..
  3. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    Killing the mob witht I already can kill the mobs fast enough, but when u got around 20 people in the same map its become hard to even see a mob, then u got aoe spell spammer more like lk and warlock which can crash the game if effect was on, anyway I guess 5 minutes + after the mvp killed is really good
  4. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    Bettet fair suggestions?
  5. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    Or maybe if that was unavailable, just to increase the amount of exp by each mob there I think exp increase would help too
  6. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    The problem in that, is the princess getting saved so fast and i think putting 2 minutes cool down or chain spawn wont help cuz all of the player will focus on one mvp at a time "bet they can make Genesis record" for how much fast they will clear it
  7. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    how is delaying the end of the event is objective thing ? i dont understand boss xD just let the event run for like5 minute after all the bosses are killed then i think its enough for newbie to get their points
  8. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    mmmm more hp=more vit so thana will deal much damage xD so i think its not a good idea i think better to extended the limit time to get points its way better
  9. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    yeah exactly >< and its kinda a nice idea but i wont think that they will make it cuz its mean everyone almost will get 500 , which is ok for newbie tbh but they just dont like to make thing okay for newbes heehhe
  10. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    yeah too many veterane got maxed WL and LK which deals +999.999 its insta kill xD we cant even steal kill if we want unlike them they always steal kill it with one hit heheh kinda unfair + with all these player its good to even get 100 point so many spamable skill with not enough mob
  11. DespairShot


    u must get at least 500 point "every time" while your weap and gloved are on
  12. DespairShot

    Its becoming frustrating

    the server is really nice yet so many of the events are for veterans players ! no way a newbie could make it by anyway for example HHH and 500pvp ,,, etc anyway i kinda agree to that since these kind of events must be like this , but STP for newbie is a must to get division xp . where the problem lay .... many veterans player rush it ! all they care about killing the mvp fast which leads the newbie to be lost in their quick eliminating the mvp , is it possible to adjust the event alil bit for helping newbies ??? for example increase the mvp hp ..... increase the xp given from the mobs ,,,, or make the mvp appear later in the event ! its really nonsense for a event to end in like 8 minutes ! totally frustrating