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  1. just delete this thrend... this is not a good example its a bad image.... a bad image
  2. if your banned... your banned... you caught red handed... just accept the your punishment... nothing will gone... it just a some few days without playing, take that time to rest.... the more you retaliate, the more your look guilty... BTW... I got Banned more than once.. as long as i know why and its reasonable... i accept that... a real player shall not cheat... if cheated, accept the consequence of your action be a good sportsman!
  3. hiradar

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    Battle Grounds https://i.postimg.cc/jSVT2W3j/screen-Dreamer-RO003.jpg Mining: https://postimg.cc/s1XD91GL Phantasmagoria Event: https://postimg.cc/MXTVM666 https://postimg.cc/ygWxdNF2 https://postimg.cc/qNzpyFtC