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  1. UntalentedWiz

    Jeproxity's GX guide for the Lazy~ Horror Factory instance

    Alternative gears for 300% more damage when Esma reflect. Use Captain's manteau for garment. +5 Assassin's robe carded with frus and for the footgear use battle Greaves. Those item can be found in @go36
  2. EVENT PLS. Almost 2months since the last event ended. 😶

    1. dROGOAT


      welcome to dRO season

    2. wyiorrrrrr


      dead server what u mean event

  3. UntalentedWiz


    There's already a freebie after completing the introduction. After that we farm.
  4. UntalentedWiz

    Question about mining

    Lynx eye
  5. Tried Kimi= CLEARED

    Tried OGH=Killed Corruption root but died 5x also died inside the next floor= failed clearing OGH😂

  6. UntalentedWiz

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    Thank you. I killed her w/o the converters took me a long time tho. I am going to follow your guides. Thank you again everyone.
  7. UntalentedWiz

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    Noted. Thanks guys.
  8. UntalentedWiz

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    I have +9 HG [2] carded with F.pharoah and Strong shield with Maya card only. Battle greeves with Cat o 9tails.
  9. UntalentedWiz

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    Same as Antares mentioned but without gem of echo and draconus in assaulter I carded it with tao gunka card. As for the stats I remember having 195aspd 250str 500vit anddecent amount of Int. Can't say the exact stats cause I am offline RN.
  10. UntalentedWiz

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    Anyone have a stat build for RG? Tried to kill her but I always die.
  11. UntalentedWiz

    Server Condition

    If you want to revive pvp. Remove SOH ekill scrolls.
  12. UntalentedWiz

    Easter Event 2021 - Pre-Phase

    Reinstalled the game just to get rickrolled.
  13. UntalentedWiz

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    Thank you. ^^
  14. UntalentedWiz

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    Same bro been trying since its been enabled
  15. UntalentedWiz

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    Same bro. Thought I'm the only one. Hope we can connect soon.