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  1. + Upgrade higher than Elite Hero. kuhuhuhuhat + BG, farming, woe and boss hunt events. these are the types of players here i guess + More generous PYL. yohohohoho + Honestly i like ragnarok because of leveling conccept. maybe higher level cap (lvl 999 hoho) but we have to grind for it?
  2. VicThor

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

  3. VicThor

    [QoL] Client Changes

    hmmm. can't understand actually, hehe, sorry. when and how can i make a 1 letter named character? thanks haze! ^_^
  4. VicThor

    [QoL] Client Changes

    This is not working?
  5. VicThor

    [QoL] Client Changes

    "Enables character names with less than 4 characters during a new character creation." How is this? it's not working?