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  1. Nelvinn

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    @HaZe - asking for a friend. will the new rare be available in the raffle in Phase 4? Will it also be available through zeny if ever?
  2. Nelvinn

    Summer Seasonal Grf

    No crit / damage numbers applies on all maps and not just the event map?
  3. Nelvinn

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    Is it possible to add ragnarok tshirt on the shop for these type of events please?
  4. Nelvinn

    Lite Graphics Plugin (@LGP)

    @HaZe - thank you for this. this part right here doesn't seem to work for RG's grandcross. I tried changing the 0086 to 0254 (skillid) but it still didn't work. Also, Heaven's Drive is blank so if you could let us know where to get the code for it, that would be great. Thanks
  5. Nelvinn

    SUSHI B/S/T + Farming Services

    @Sushii - still open for farming?
  6. Nelvinn

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Will this garment and temp boots enchanter be available after the event? maybe thru blank cards?
  7. Thank you for this Just an addition, Div Ore only gives 20% chance from +9 to +10 instead of the usual 30%
  8. Nelvinn

    [Updated] Price Check Thread

    I believe +8 CA = 120-150b and +10 CA = 250-300b based on the current market
  9. Nelvinn

    Waiting for pastry.

    Dude you have already included First City in the grf. I'm jealous lol. Can you share it? Thanks!
  10. Nelvinn

    Grey Map for Dreamero

    Hi @PanFlippingCake favor. If you have the time to edit the greymap to include First City (go 50) please. It would be appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Nelvinn

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    Just want to clarify the rumors with a quick question for possible headgear releases in future phases and maybe in the upcoming Easter too. Will there be forging headgears effects like the ones last Christmas? or that is just a one-time thing and/or specifically intended for Christmas event only. thanks! Just wanted to ask ahead of time since they will most probably be available in the latter/ending part of events (if ever included).
  12. Nelvinn

    Updated Mining Script

    EDIT: Nvm. I got it
  13. Nelvinn

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Why are you guys bullying me. Lol. Someone asked me this in-game and I wasn't sure too for the record, I didn't ask this to anyone even once in-game. Thanks tho @yachino
  14. Nelvinn

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    After the 17th day (asgardian blessing), rewards will always be bubblegum moving forward? Just confirming cause I am receiving bbgum since after the helm. thanks
  15. Nelvinn

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Hi. So ths happened just now on both my achievements Christmas delivery 1 and 2. Can you guys help? Thanks