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  1. camilarunis

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020

    Haha nicee thank you for the free raining money aura, Haze and teams XD
  2. camilarunis

    Hello everyone~! :D have a nice day

    Ahahah sorry cz I usually got corrected XD so Im just thinking of mentioning it just in case thank you so muchh
  3. camilarunis

    Hello everyone~! :D have a nice day

    Ahaha it was few weeks ago though XD as green wl with Mavka Hmm I met KabayanFromHell, Palmers and Shark bite
  4. camilarunis

    Hello everyone~! :D have a nice day

    Hello @Latte nice to meet you~ Ahaha oops xD Thank you so much I'll stop by later :)
  5. camilarunis

    Hello everyone~! :D have a nice day

    Aw thank you very much @GM Snow I feel honored! Yes I'm actually plan to open but still not sure about it. Oh I would be very happy if you like a drawing of your illust let me know what do you want me to draw
  6. Slow saturday evening.

    Just like my laptop process 😂 

  7. Hello, I hope everyone have a good day today I'm quite nervous about making this post but I've always wanted to do it, sorry in advance about my English as it's not my main language XD My name is Mika. I go by the name Mikarune / Mewka / Crystalla in the game. I download this game late August if I'm not mistaken. I'm not an old player who came back at DRO, I found this server through intense internet searching XD Since the covid lockdown going on, I kept thinking about my old game friends. I played a local mid-rate server at my highschool, it's one of the best memories I had through my entire life. I miss hanging out, doing quests together, sadly my friends are busy and can't go back into playing. So I started a journey on my own. I've played 3-4 servers before I stumbled upon this, all I'm giving up within a months XD In this server, it took me 3 weeks plays by myself until the announcement encourage us to talk to other players, I'm such a nervous wreck. I can't just jump in into people's conversation XD But I try to go out of my comfort zone and start wandering around. I found some very friendly players at Hugel. And few days later, I found what I believe to be what I'm looking for at Caspen. Group of good friends, just few days before my birthday that time. Here's attached a drawing I made of them to shows gratitude and hopefully can keep the memories XD (not done yet though xP hehe) I'd love to make more friends here. And hopefully will learn a lot since high-rate server still confused me most of times. But I enjoy my stay and hopefully will keep playing more in the future. If you see me at the game don't hesitate to say hi. I like drawing my friend's character so maybe I can draw yours in the free time XD Thank you for reading this~ Have a nice day to all of you. Thank you DreamerRO for making my life bright again, that I have something to look forward everyday!
  8. camilarunis

    New here and stopping by to say hello!

    Welcome to DreamerRO, @Sleepi_Head ! I'm fairly new here and was anxious about making hello post, but seeing you posting it here made me want to do it XD Hopefully you're gonna enjoy your stay here and we all can talk some time~ I'm in a journey to find some new friends too. Sometimes I login by the name Mikarune or Crystalla at Caspen (main town) so feel free to say hi I hope you're having a good day aswell!
  9. camilarunis

    Newbie Guides 2020

    Yayy thank u sm for this
  10. camilarunis

    Menghitung Sampai 1.000.000

  11. camilarunis

    Hi Im TopengGaming

    Oooo hello Topenggaming! Lol u might not remember me but I whisper u when u trolling that Rune Knight guy who keep saying "FO" Nice to meet you
  12. camilarunis

    Absen Anak-Anak Indo

    Nama : MikaIGN : MikaruneAsal : Malang salam kenall kakak2