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  1. I appolize to GM Princess cos that princess not her. I'm sorry, GM Princess. @princess (the one in screenshot) next time ask politely if u dont like people go to Dewata, and @prince Dont being like cry baby
  2. 1st, i open support ticket without telling on forum, asking is that princess is our gm? why she being rude and i hope that princess is not GM Princess. After waiting for few hours and i got ban, i keep checking support ticket but no one reply. and in their conversation, they claim that they are old player, old guild that made this server, and say everyone know that base belong to them. All is seem like she can do anything she want. Dont u relate it to gm abuse? about timezone, its day time for Haze, night time for GM Princess.
  3. wyiorrrrr, dont being toxic, calling people dog!
  4. @GM Shuvi ur reply make me lol at u. We are totally 2 different people. 2 of my account that got ban is ke and la5, not Mr. Tran (another account). Ke is my ranger that at dewata. Im on la5 for the event while my friend on his own account. im the one on 20hrs per day while my friend only play after work. Of course most of the account is log in with my device. Log in history should show Gepard id or ip change before the event start. And i die in one min when the event start, he last longer in the event, why dont u check its different Gepard id. I see how pro is our GM *clap hand*
  5. i do post support ticket, but after a few hours i got ban directly.
  6. and i remember this, my friend is farming on my account while i was sleeping, i log him out after i wake up, then i saw the event so i ask him to join. Anyway im disappointed to this server, wasted money to donate.
  7. This is funny without checking ip that log on and ban me, my log in ip in Malaysia, my friend log in ip in Australia, how can this is dual client in survival event?? Good trying, go ask GM Haze to trace our log in ip and he will proof that i'm not dual log in for the event. We sharing account and item all the time, so we cant join event together?
  8. talking bad about someone dont need walk in front to them, it can be spreading word out prentending not talking to them.
  9. @princess LOL that map only u and prince, me and my friend, no other. obviously wise people know who u talking about.
  10. please proof that i dual log in for that event, one at dewata, one at event also count as dual joining event?
  11. Been start playing on this server in 2011 years, and donate alot money to this server. I have quit for a few years in between because of work, now just back for a few months. There is alot change on this server, I rarely talk to others, just work hard at farming, and viewing forum to look for guide. Most of my time at Morocc, but since this xmas event start, morocc always full of monster, its quite annoying cos always accidently click on those mobs, so i decide to look for new map to stay, so i found this @go 32 Dewata is a good map and less people coming, oh well still have newbie come here and asking help, im very willing to help when people asking for help. But thing start to happen, someone speak Malay language asking to his/her friend about who is that at Dewata. Few hours ago, bad thing happen. This Prince and Princess start to talk bad thing about us, call us 'ASS guild', like a crying baby complaint people come to this map. I know we have a GM from Malaysia call GM Princess, so im guessing that character was her, so I open support ticket to report her and prince being rude, as a gm, arent they shouldn't being like that? They can ask politely if they wish us to leave that map. Me and my friend didnt say anything when they talk shiet. After awhile me and my friend game crash at the same time. Awhile after, 2 of my account got ban for 3 days! Oh wow, cant believe this happen on DreamerRO. GM abuse so directly!! Good job! Well bye to my favourite server, time to move on.