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  1. Skuiz

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    What is the Monsters invasion schedule?
  2. Skuiz

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    I did two waves of the global quest and i sure killed more than 200 mobs but i didnt get any activity points. i dont know if its bugged. Also is there a way to remove cooldown on hunt contracts or less cooldown? Thanks alot!
  3. Skuiz

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Thanks for the event! I have a quick question, Activity points are per character? per account? The Hunt contract cooldown apply for all account? or can i do multiply contracts to achieve the day activity points? Thank you!
  4. Good Afternoon, Im here to ask about your knowledge for the veterans of the server. Im a new player, i was able to get 22k halloween coins due life doesnt let me farm that much. So i was wondering, what is better as a new player to get? Obviously i didnt farm enough for a complete set or a rare item. Im thinking on change them all for 82 DRO Tokens or wich items do you recommend me from the halloween headgears normal items? is there anything good for a warlock or Alchemist that i use to farm zeny and scavenger quests, boss hunts etc. Wich one do you recommend to aim for? Tokens or Halloween Gear? I was lucky enough to get a Susanoo Magic Rare item from Trick or treat event and a Magic Nine Tail with my only 3 Raffle tickets, i feel i was so lucky xD Thanks and all info and advices are welcome!
  5. Skuiz

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Thank you for this Haze. Is there a chance to increase halloween vouchers drop rate just for this two last days (7th and 8th) as the last chance to farm for some headgears? Excelent event!
  6. Skuiz

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Thank you Haze, as a new player i really appreciate this event! Just a quick question, those are the only uses for halloween voucher? so i can go and spend all the ones i have at the moment, or its going to be more uses for them in the future? Thanks again
  7. Skuiz

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Hey good afternoon. You know that some players may have the same problem as me. we have just like 1-3 hours a day to play or maybe we cant play some days due work, school, life things and everything. Was wondering if its possible for players like me, that we dont have the time to create multiple accounts for completing most of the zeph hunts possible, is it possible to adjust the ammount of halloween tokens given depending on the difficulty lvl? for example, i have 3 wizards on my account with hard difficult quests that sometimes take me the hour to complete with the three characters, while someone that have the time can create 3 accounts and complete zeph hunts with 20+ characters per hour. so maybe we can have an accurate ammount for us to have the same chances to get good gear with the event? just wanting to check if its possible. Also maybe a custom temporary dungeon where you can go only 1-2 hour per day on account or ip you cant abuse it, or maybe a low chance of dropping halloween coin on already existing dungeon instances like caspen or bossnia. or mvps drop some ammount of coins. i dont know, just saying any other ways to farm a good ammount of coins for the players that cant spend all day farming. I dont know if its possible or if you agree with me, just wanting to have my opinion as a fairly new player to the server that i found amazing since i started playing. Thanks a lot for all your effort and thanks for reading me. Have a good day!