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  1. zero_chan

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    will there be dtoks for sale during event?
  2. zero_chan

    T H e o S Guild recruitment

    yes PLEASE ^^
  3. zero_chan

    T H e o S Guild recruitment

    Hello, Ladies and Gentleman Boys and girls We are from the T H e o S Guild If u are seeking a guild and still haven't found the right guild to join we could be the answer to your question. ^^ newbies and pros are welcome in this guild so feel free to join us!!! u can join by DM to my character : Zero0617chan(WL) or Alleretto con fuoco(GX) or PM our respected leader is ok too his nick is : GreenEarth Burberry(Gene) we will be waiting for you guys in this guild and enjoy the fun together in Dreamer RO xDDD your join application will be much much appreciated xD Thanks Sincerely ZeroChan ^^