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What did you think about the Christmas Event?! We would love for you to share your experience with the world via a Ratemyserver review. It would mean a lot to us!


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  1. Meredith

    Almost 1 year in DRO

    gimme zeny too so that I don't steal zeny or equip from my hubby
  2. Meredith

    [QUESTION] Costume Destiny Set and Legendary Set

    i see a lot of rich man here...
  3. Meredith

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    @ii2 for the following doesnt work. Nephilim Aura (*23489*) Nephilim Cape (*23490*)
  4. Meredith

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    good to see our GMs work together to make the post more informational for new players like myself. Thank you. having discounted items at house 50 sounds cool. The game is really not so easy for me and good to see players rewarded with their hard work (or more like skill, observation etc). hope one day i can do pass house 20+
  5. Meredith

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    how to go to house of trials?
  6. Meredith


    Selling: +10 Luk Temp Boots +8 Luk Temp Boots Buying: None. Leave offer or PM^^