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  1. payoye

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 3

    What is conjurer head? I'm new here and still hodingmy halloween coin. Is it super good that everyone keep asking about it? Someonepls share the stat pls.... Is it for wizard? Knight? Assasin? Hunter?
  2. payoye

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 3

    Newb question here, why f.bapho card?
  3. payoye

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 3

    I once read someone said in their post that if you are not using garm card then better not use garm baby card since it reduce the chance other spell to came out. Is it true or not? So since elemental sword got 3 slot card, we put sidewinder, baby garm, and ????? So it's better to use event provided weapon or elemental sword? For GX job, better use 2 elemental sword or using 1 hand elemental and event weapon? Thanks in advance to whoever willing to teach this newb
  4. payoye

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 3

    How many halloween coin do i need to collect if i plan to purchase 1 or 2 halloween hat? Maybe GM would like to share little bit of the cost of halloween hat? I'm new here, is getting 30k coin for elite really that great? How long to do it in normal way guys?