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  1. P e e j a y

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 1]

    I suggest for lag reduce . maybe we can move some mobs on the wave cleared maps for the global buff, so players not all gather on 1 map . please?
  2. P e e j a y

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 1]

    Good Job !!!
  3. P e e j a y

    Elite Enchantress

    Thank you for the response . I'm thinking about it . since I got enchants not suitable on my char . tnx @GM Miyuki
  4. P e e j a y

    Elite Enchantress

    @HaZeNo enchanted back on both char after the update . IGN: RG MINNIE (Royal Guard) IGN: H U M B E R G E R (Rune Knight) Plss help me . I already used my Elite kills ! (Totally Broke)
  5. P e e j a y

    Elite Enchantress

    I got Over Trust on my gloves, when I try it once, the skill gone on the hotkey . Someone told me bcuz of the ragna shirt i wear . So we try to remove it and the skill back again . It seems the ragna shirt conflict on some misc skill. It can be fixed?
  6. P e e j a y

    Elite Enchantress

    Goodday sir, We are so very excited and get to that npc and got enchanted both wep and gloves (THANK SO MUCH) But after we recon or removed the cards from both equips, the enchants are gone . please help us :s
  7. P e e j a y

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    Maybe it would be good if the AQUA SOUL is like ONE WISH from last xmas event . Like AQUA SOUL PYL or it could be change to Tickets for the final phase . And suggesting add AQUA SOUL on the npc buyable w/ bash coins for more chances . or Another npc for enchanting(I'm a little bit far) but we expect it to be more expensive .
  8. Hi GM,

    I was banned today . can you tell me why?

  9. P e e j a y


    I was so interesting on the INFINITE MASTELA BUG ABUSE . but tnx who post that creed helm or any HG same effects . I don't know if its working or not cuz I got the idea if you have: Full Reflect(physical) or +8 obs shield Armor w/ f.angeling card(chance of making the enemy turns undead) Creed helm or any same effects (20% chance of 70% dmg covert as HP) Some reduc dmg by demi human . or any attr(its only additional for less dmg received) Is this possible working on the PVP instead of the INFINITE MASTELA BUG ABUSE? or I'm just insane thinking of this things? My small brain function a bit and I was so happy /meh . plss feedback for this . I need confirmation and if its true . remove it plss . tnx We try not to try it for our SAFETY . tnx
  10. OW NO !!!! I refine Bulk of Magne Armor using E.Elu . All failed !!! I will blame you !!! wahhahaah
  11. Hi lead, just wanna inform u my points last week was 97(P e e j a y)+36(BOSSPEEJAY) . tnx IDA told me u forgot the to note it . i was on 5th place (maybe) .

  12. Hi lead, just wanna inform u my points last week was 97(P e e j a y)+36(BOSSPEEJAY) . tnx IDA told me u forgot the to note it . tnx ^^

  13. P e e j a y

    S>+10 Mr. Hopping & +9 Fox Ear Ribbon -

    PM ME Char Name: BOSSPEEJAY 3:00-12:00 server time .
  14. P e e j a y


    Im concern about the stp now, they ez kill the boss and end it early . I cant blame them to farm points for their own division and for them selves but some people are greedy to farm points even they strong enough to kill 1 but they will ks your mob . Hope someday, the player's greediness will pay them more prize than other players ^^
  15. Hi GM Haze, I already submit a ticket about the bug on my achievement on ART OF FORGING LVL4 and I experience another one about the 'Conquering the Unknown'. Same issue, I didnt received any rewards . tnx