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  1. LKSeyren

    All Around Ranger MVP Hunting Guide

    white knight card + khalitzburg kngiht card
  2. LKSeyren

    All Around Ranger MVP Hunting Guide

    What skill you are using? if for normal/Boss mobs try this card DS/SS TyrantCecil/Turtle Gen/Fused Atroce/VengefulEremes/Pyuriel/WKC+KKC Combo/Echidna Card/Abysmal Knight
  3. LKSeyren

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    I give u a hint my Build to my RG is 3 way build it is quite expensive but worthful and gives you a smooth run XD. I do experimental build while running ogh which is why I created this op build at least as for myself. i advise to you read some forum topic regarding RG and read its formula XD
  4. LKSeyren

    B> Need List

  5. LKSeyren

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    Want the secret how to kill amda using RG? whehehehe
  6. LKSeyren

    Wolfchev's Laboratory

    have u done the arc quest?
  7. LKSeyren

    B> Need List

    UP buying WWS +10 clean
  8. there's one look for overgeared guild maybe they hiring farmers
  9. LKSeyren

    B> Need List

    thanks for tempo boots XD
  10. LKSeyren

    B> Need List

    Buying : +10 WWS Clean 12B +8 STR tempo 140B Cons of Wind 120B Pm below for those who interested to sell their goods