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    Indonesian Lounge -

    masuk dronya lewat patcher atau engga? kmungkinan kalau kaya gitu, ada patch terbaru tp ga update
  2. gamingteroz

    Server Condition

    I understand what haze is talking about, if I can give advice, is it possible if the donation price getting lowered, why? because playing any game, there will always be a farmers, rich people, and pvp maniacs, to balance this, donation is required. but if the donation price is too high, many players think that price is too high for me, and what i obtained is also not worth for the price. Again not all players, they can afford to donate, but many of them actually can, but, because the price of the donation and what is given is not worth it, they think not to do it. Suggestions for admins and GM, make a donation event that can make players want to do it, such as black friday, or maybe a discount to buy soh, or maybe create a battle pass or something system with relatively stable profits. thanks
  3. gamingteroz

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    no soh no currency