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  1. Sushii


    It's a little low for me. Let me know if you agree with my price.
  2. Sushii


    Save The Princess. It's an event for elite heroes who are under a division.
  3. Sushii


    I will be able to do this but I'm going to ask 1.5B for 1k Destroyed Armor and 2B for 1k Fabric. We can start here if you want then progress with the farming after that. IGN: Sushi Moves
  4. Sushii


    Awesome! Thanks! Looking forward to this!
  5. Sushii


    Hi! Was wondering if you have any open spot on either of your guild? I love to be part of that team and I won't let you guys down.
  6. Sushii


    I need this kind of guild. A guild that can make use of my hard work. Been doing zephs, dailies, scavengers, and WoF since I started. All these points for honorable guild are wasted coz I'm guildless right now. But I agree, all OG members are working hard on the all the aspects of the game. I might not see it all but everyone can see that they're finishing multiple Scavenger Hunts every hour. Just base on that, you can infer that they're doing everything else as well. It makes sense that they'll get honorable guild.
  7. Sushii

    Good class for playing in android?

    Hold up . There's treasure chest in abyss ?
  8. Sushii

    SUSHI B/S/T + Farming Services

    This will take a while. We can do 5k per transaction. So 2.5b on down payment. I will not take any jobs while doing yours. First come First serve kind of treatment (whoever gives the first down payment).
  9. Sushii

    SUSHI B/S/T + Farming Services

    5b for all. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Admin, if you can take a look at my support ticket, that'll be great. Thanks

  11. Sushii

    Hey Y'all!

    I don't hate it ... What's the word that I'm looking for ??? Dislike. I strongly dislike country haha. I'll give it a listen and see if it changes anything.
  12. Sushii

    Hey Y'all!

    Hello! Nice to meet you here Satella! Awesome! Will do! Nice to meet you!
  13. Sushii

    Hey Y'all!

    Hey guys! My name is Sushi! I've been playing RO for about 12years now (on and off). Throughout those years, I've spent a fair amount of time on the official servers as well as the private server ones. My years of experience have not helped me with PVP though if that's what you're wondering haha. Little things about me: I lived in California my whole life. I like all kinds of music(except country) especially KPOP and EDM. I like going to raves and kpop concerts (I've met some kpop groups already which is really exciting)but I haven't been in a while now because of Covid. I'm really into streetwear so I like collecting shoes, shirts, hoodies, and figurines. My current "job" right now is selling/trading clothes/shoes. I've been playing this game for a little over 2 weeks now and it's been fun. If y'all wanna say hi to me, I'm Sushi Moves in-game. If you have any questions regarding the game or want to talk about my hobbies/things that I like, don't hesitate to comment/message me here or in-game. I hope to be friends with everyone!