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    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    Just chiming in to add my 2c. I like using the spam scripts, but it's nice to have a simple way to turn them off when you're not using them. Here's my method for doing just that: First, you need a master script to activate the AHK scripts that spam your skills, like this" !J:: ; Turn on your spam script(s) by pressing Alt + J Run, %A_AHKPath% "%A_ScriptDir%\[spam skill script].ahk" ; Replace the bracketed text with the name of your AHK script This runs the script, or scripts, for your keys to spam. You can activate multiple scripts by just adding more `Run` lines, each with the name of the script you want to run. This only works with scripts in the same folder as this master script; if your scripts are in a different location, you'll have to point to them manually. To easily deactivate your hotkeys, simply add `[hotkey]::ExitApp` to the end of your skill spam script(s), and make sure it's a different hotkey than the master script. Here's an example: ~J:: loop { GetKeyState, state, J,P if state = U break Sleep, 17 send, {j} send, {Click, down} send, {Click, up} } return !;::ExitApp That's it! One more thing: you can easily make different sets of hotkeys for different characters by simply making different master scripts. Just run the hotkey scripts each class needs in its corresponding master script. Edit 04/06/2021: There's probably a good way to send `ExitApp` to the individual spam scripts through the master script, that way you can keep the exit code out of the individual scripts. It also means you could use the master script as a toggle, so you wouldn't need to use a separate key to exit. I think having an emergency exit in the individual scripts is a good thing though, so I'll leave that in, but I'll work on making the master toggleable tonight.