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  1. Sqwertz

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 2]

    im still having trouble seeing even with lighmap on..dark colors make my eye water...sad sad day for me...enjoy farming DREAMERS...Have a great day everyone!
  2. rare swords are cool the evolved sword too please many thanks..
  3. Sqwertz

    Summer Seasonal Grf

    i made it work by merging summer.grf with my old data.grf...works perfectly..MANY THANKS!!
  4. Sqwertz

    Summer Seasonal Grf

    what folder should i put summer.grf in? i tried it together with data.grf nothing happens, tried removing data.grf left the summer.grf and errorr happened.. what to do? Yelp!! Thnx
  5. Sqwertz

    Genetic Zeph| Daily Quest Farming: Illusion Doping

    +1 amazing guide...
  6. Sqwertz

    Tone's Lazy GX Rolling Cutter STP Guide

    +1 Great guide... can i use white knight card or tyrant cecil card instead of turtle gen.? magnum break keeps knocking back the mob i gather and i have to constantly re position to hit the mob.. thnx again. have a great day!!