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    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    @Kymchi You are not getting the point here, those items is weightless and I can store it in inventory and storage without a problem. I am also against in straightforward conversion to Halloween coins, I just want to make them a way to have a good used of those items in anyway. I join the previous events (Valentines, Easter and Summer) and all of the loots I gathered has a value. It is such a waste to delete those hard earned loots. Maybe for you it is easy but I farm those loots right from the start hoping that they have a value. I just suggested to convert it to paranormal sphere so that we can balance the SPHERE vs CRAFTED ITEMS and it is only a suggestion. If they have something much better Ill go for it as long as the hard earned loots will still have a value. I hope you can understand about what I am trying to point out.
  2. Raraijin

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    @An†ares those items will not be useless if they put some NPC that we can used those halloween loots and crafted item even without paranormal spheres just like in summer event. We can exchange it in something valuables right? @Kymchi the issue is not resolved there is a bunch of loots that we work from the start of the event and hoping they have some value in the future phase. If you are an active farmer you will have a bunch of those loots. In the previous events all of the loots that you work for has a value so I am hoping there is also on this event.
  3. Raraijin

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Hi @HaZe, I am one of the active farmer every event and is there any way that we can put in good used our unused Halloween loots and crafted items(lures, spells and amulets). I only have 40+ paranormal spheres for capturing mobs but still having 400-600 crafted items(lures, spells and amulets). They are not balance since the start of the event CRAFTED ITEMS VS PARANORMAL SPHERES. Even we farm more to get the chocolates and paranormal sphere, it is still more unused crafted items left. I have a suggestion to have a conversion of CRAFTED ITEMS TO PARANORMAL SPHERE not directly to HALLOWEEN COINS, so that we can still capture more mobs and balance our crafted items.