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  1. Palito Lapit

    Elite Enchantress

    Suggestion: Release an elite kill scroll packages (kills varying) and it would be better if larger packages would have bigger discounts
  2. Palito Lapit

    Elite Enchantress

    Is the Elite Enchantress disabled?
  3. Palito Lapit

    Elite Enchantress

    great question
  4. Palito Lapit

    Elite Enchantress

    Elite Enchantress got disabled?
  5. HELP! Need updated Kagerou build for all events (PVP,BG,HHH,Farming etc)
  6. Palito Lapit

    All Purpose WL Guide V2

    Hi, Do you have ultimate HHH build for donators?
  7. Palito Lapit


    Hi, I can't find majority of the best equipment (Commentator Headset, Eremes Scarf etc) in the market. Can you tell where to get these?
  8. Palito Lapit

    HELP! Updated Sura guide please

    Yes I'm new. I'll PM you. Thanks!
  9. Palito Lapit

    HELP! Updated Sura guide please

    Can you provide 2021 updated SURA guide? I also want to know the endgame equips/cards as I'm planning to donate. PVP PVE Farm WOE