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  1. Sixtus

    New Forging Headgears

    Even if those are unbreakable Tarot will still break them. Look at Sleipnir, its indestructible, yet it still get destroyed by the only skill in game that destroys footgear HAHAHHAHAHA.
  2. Sixtus

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    Hi, anyone here.
  3. Sixtus

    Genetic Zeph| Daily Quest Farming: Illusion Doping

    Why not just stormy headphones + High wizard card xD
  4. Sixtus

    1vs1 PvP Tournament (6/28/20)

    Now demoted to spectator. Good luck to all participants!
  5. Looks to me that all MVPs are now Soul Linkers. Thankfully none of them have the Leap skill.

  6. Sixtus

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Do we have a skills info on Celine Kimi?
  7. Sixtus

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    No info on boss skills?
  8. Sixtus

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    I don't think this will promote suicide builds among veterans. Because let's face it, everyone is obsessed with winning, and not losing.
  9. Sixtus

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    The good thing with being rewarded after a certain amount of deaths is newbie participation can be expected. Kill or die it matters not! This is awesome!
  10. Sixtus

    Neutral Barrier

    Agree on the nerf noted above. Im yet to see a Mecha die in COD since it started.
  11. SELLING> Shadow Chaser gears RUSH

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HaZe


      Obviously someone forgot the basics of RO and jumps straight into ranting mode. S> Phen Card. B>SC Gear, RUSH.

    3. Sixtus


      So what you're saying is while everyone can happily move forward into the 21st century this one class should be blasted back into the past? Do you see the inequality? And of course I knew about Phen, but where to slot that one Phen card when one accessory has GEM of Marksmanship and the other has a Dexterity GEM to ensure Masquerades wouldn't even miss to begin with (and they in fact, still miss a lot, even with 1900 HIT).

    4. Infamous


      SELLING> Shadow Chaser gears too RUSH.

  12. Sixtus

    Let's talk about FLEE in-game

    It does add, 1 hit for every 3 LUK. So assuming you have 500 LUK 500 DEX, base 500 you get what? 1342 Hit? Then you use all manners of hit equips you end up with no damage but the player you're trying to hit still has damage modifying cards in their weapons while you do not. Then imagine you're a STR-based class.
  13. The irrevocable fact is the addition of so many equipment that can grant abnormally-high flee levels ruined the game for A LOT of players. This is not an understatement: a lot of the PVP players I have talked to only expressed negative sentiments toward the ridiculous in-game flee. * Str-based classes CANNOT afford to allocate 500 base dex from their total stat points * Classes have to use up to 3x Phreeoni cards just to hit "something", sacrificing damage all the while players utilizing flee equipment suffer such no drawbacks and are still free to use damage modifying cards in their weapons. This is definitely a loophole in in-game mechanics that has been exploited by classes capable of burst damage while retaining 95% dodge rate. So what do some people think of flee? Bar those who actually enjoy using them.
  14. Sixtus


    • Oct8ss8nce • About us: A small, tightly-knit, but nonetheless exclusive guild. Want to talk to us? The town of Amatsu (@go 10) is where we roost. Overview: 1. Few are welcome to try - most probably we will just find you insufficient, or "lacking". 2. We will not respond to any comments posted on this thread. Want to talk to us? Come. And. Find. Us. 3. We are not affiliated with the now-defunct guild Ghosts. Our current members except me, were either expelled from Ghosts, or were never a part of that guild altogether. 4. We might, or might not WOE. (depends on the profitability - wealth is king). Community rules for members: 1. Members are prohibited from posting stupid things on the guild thread. 2. Members are prohibited from participating in trash/garbage talk with non-guild members. 3. Members are prohibited from participating in the cyberbullying of a random DRO player. In-Game rules and guidelines for members: 1. Except in 500-PVP, always be in a guild party. 2. Always turn party chat mode on. Remind your fellow mates to turn theirs if they ever forget. 3. Do limit your death counts in 1 vs 1 scenarios. Please do not bring shame upon us. 4. Do limit your death counts in Group vs Group wars. Please do not bring shame upon us. 5. In certain places, e.g. Clash of Division maps, DO KILL YOUR OWN GUILD MATES if they belong in to a different division. 6. Killing your own Guild Mates in maps where Division rules do not apply is not allowed. 7. Please ensure Attack-On-Sight protocol is in-place in PVP maps. Things to consider for aspiring members: 1. Mind your death counts / or kill rates (except when you choose to play a support class - support Sorc, RG, AB, etc.). 2. Have friends in another guild? Be prepared to ditch them, and the next time you encounter him, or her, in a pvp map, we will sit back, and watch you farm... your... friend... over... and... over... again. 3. We have a ban list - proven guild jumpers. Please don't bother to apply. 4. We value upcoming or promising players whose reputations have not yet been tarnished. There are times when we will request someone to join in, bypassing whatever testing process should've been in place. Be honored. 5. We value vast PVM knowledge. But don't apply if that is the only thing you can do - we seek balanced players. 6. Your nerfs will be tested. We don't want water balloons who pop at the slightest touch. 7. Have a thick face - we dislike sensitive people. 8. As mentioned, you will be tested, but the test is not standardized nor will it be the same for all. Recruitment: Currently we are in-need of the below classes. Other classes need not apply. 1. Sorcerer - knows how to dispel, and it's applicable usages - Must be tanky - knows when to cast Land Protector, and when not to cast Land Protector - At least average knowledge of Renewal mechanics - NOT DM-GREEDY. 2. Genetic - Must be tanky. - You will be closely working with our resident Warlock - Knows the true purpose of Acid Demonstration - Knows how to FCP.
  15. Notes: 1. This works perfectly fine for me. If you have better tips, do kindly share. 2. This is a PRACTICAL guide, hence item costs will be considered, and expense put minimal. 3. You need not follow everything. 4. Respawn times are based on experience, they may not be, or may be, accurate. I will list only the earliest possible respawn time, just in case. 5. You will target bosses with predictable respawns. MAIN TARGETS _______________________________________________ 1. Kiel D-01 Map : kh_dun02 Difficulty : Mid-difficulty Loot(s) : Card (5.5 - 6 billion) Respawn : 1 hour and 44 minutes. Tip : Kiel D-01 casts the NPC skill "Dark Blessing", that if connects, automatically reduces your HP to 1, causing the next attack that will surely follow to instantly kill you. To counter this, do wear an armor with Evil Druid Card. _______________________________________________ 2. Turtle General Map : tur_dun04 ( note: warp to tur_dun04 111 111 so you directly find yourself in the center of the map ) Difficulty : Low-difficulty Loot(s) : Card (1.5 - 2 billion) Respawn : As early as 44 minutes after the last one was killed. _______________________________________________ 3. Orc Hero Map : gef_fild14 and gef_fild02 Difficulty : Low-difficulty Loot(s) : Card (1.5 billion) Respawn : 53 minutes for gef_fild14, HOURS for gef_fild02, and so not really worthy camping the latter) Note : Orc Hero casts what I think is level 20 Decrease Agility, so considering increasing your agility, as allocating just enough agility will cause your aspd to drop ( drops to around 188-190 ) _______________________________________________ 4. Golden Thief Bug Map : prt_sewb4 Difficulty : Low-difficulty Loot(s) : Card (900m - 1 billion) Respawn : 52 minutes Note : Sometimes GTB uses "Hide", so carry a Horong Card compounded accessory. _______________________________________________ 5. Ghostring Map : treasure02 ; pay_fild04 ; prt_maze03 ; gld_dun03 Difficulty : HARMLESS Loot(s) : Card ( 1 billion ) Respawn : in treasure02, he can respawn as early 29 minutes after the last one was killed. I dont really hunt them anymore anywhere else, since, pay_fild04 for example, requires to usually to walk around for a good 3 - 5 minutes before you find him. Note : The best class that can be used take down Ghostring is a Dragon Breath Rune Knight, even with Newbie equips, 1 DD will kill him. _______________________________________________ 6. Thanatos Map : thana_boss Difficulty : Bordering between mid-difficulty and high Loot(s) : Card (4 - 4.5 billion) ; Skeletal Armor Piece ( 50 million ) Respawn : Unsealing starts EXACTLY 2 hours after the last one was killed Note : Summons Thanatos Odium, which uses the NPC skill "Stop" disabling until you teleport. Thanatos casts Storm Gust, and Exile, which forces teleport on yourself. It also has Change Attribute to Holy level 4, so use Cursed Water and to endow your weapon with the shadow property. _______________________________________________ How to summon Thanatos (* Please be decent, have the morality not to KS Thanatos from those who took the effort to gather the frags and summon him*) 1. With your slave Rune Knight, gather the following: a. Fragment of Hatred ( dropped by Odium in tha_t08 ) b. Fragment of Despair ( dropped by Despero in tha_t07 ) c. Fragment of Agony ( dropped by Dolor in tha_t05 ) d. Fragment of Misery ( dropped by Maero in tha_t06 ) Note : when autolooting, type in @aloot item fragment of misery, but during the unsealing, type in "Sorrow" instead of "Misery" Before you go to tha_t06, please bring Butterfly Wings since you wont be able to warp out. To get to tha_t06, warp to tha_t05, and exit the portal on upper right. 2. Warp to thana_boss. 3. Go to the area desginated as "Fragment of Despair". If Thanatos is available for summoning, a pop up will appear where you can type in "Fragment of Despair". If he is not available for summoning, a pop up will still appear but you cant type in anything. If you were able to type in Despair, a Thanatos Despero will appear, kill it and move on to the area designated as Hatred, type in "Fragment of Hatred, and the same will happen. Continue on to Agony and Sorrow. 4. After all the fragment has been typed in and consumed, go the area designated as "North", the 4 apparitions will appear. the moment you step on the seal. Kill all 4, and Thanatos will appear in the area marked with a green dot. Tip: Save the warp location where Thanatos respawns in one of your hotkeys, so after you kill the four apparitions in "North", you can just warp immediately to his location, and foil any attempt to kill-steal him. _______________________________________________ YOUR CHARACTERS I. You will need three characters : a. Scout - can be any class. Does not use bubble gum. b. Killer - cheapest class ( this is a practical guide after all ) would be Guillotine Cross. Will use bubble gum. c. Ghostring Killer - a spare dragon breath Rune Knight. Will use bubble gum. _______________________________________________ II. Equips: a. Scout - can use whatever equips, since it will not be involved in any killing. In my case I use a geared Royal Guard, since I use at as well to kill the bosses in Somatology laboratory (where my GX cannot survive). b. Killer - this is the Guillotine Cross way (I will give a selection of equips, feel free to choose whatever) Headgear : Punk Beanie (no exceptions) [ Orc Hero Card ] Middle : Victory Ear wings + 30 Stat Wing <------ I personally use this, compounded with Evil Snake Lord Card Lady Bug Wings Lower : Ribbon Sash Falling Snow <----- I use this, immunity to freezing and high movement speed Dragon Aura Armor : Valkyrian Armor [ Evil Druid Card ] <----- use this for Kiel, no exceptions Valkyrian Armor [ Gloom Under Knight ] <------ use against thanatos if youre using Falling Snow, if no falling snow, use Evil Druid to avoid getting frozen by storm gust Weapon : Icepik [0] OR Icepik [1] with abysmal knight card Main Gauche x4 Abysmal Knight 2x death grimtooth with x1 thanatos x7 abysmal knight Card <----- I use this Garment : Diabolus Manteau [ Giant Whisper Card ] Proxy Skin Fragment [ Giant Whisper ] <------ I use this (use Giant Whisper to max damage since none of the bosses listed above can kill you anyway) Footgear : Valkyrian Shoes [ Antique Firelock Card ] <----- I use this Accessories : 2x Newbie Gloves [ Mantis Card ] Strength Megingjard Useables : EDP, Cursed Water, Panacea, some berries. ______________________________________________ STATS STR: 500 DEX: 200+ AGI: enough for 195 aspd + 30 more extra VIT: 200+ LUK: ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ______________________________________________ c. Ghostring Killer -- Newbie Equips (get at least 300 vit for Dragon Breath damage) _______________________________________________ PRACTICAL STRATEGY ------------------------------------------------ COMMANDS: a. @mobsearch ex. @mobsearch kiel d-01 when Kiel is dead, the text "Mobsearch.. kiel d-01 kh_dun02" will appear. If he is alive, the text "1 Kiel D-01" will appear instead. ------------------------------------------------ 1. When searching for a boss, use your scout. Dont use bubble gum on scout. 2. When you find a boss, say, Kiel D-01, relog, get on your killer, find the boss, kill. Record the time of death, and estimate the next possible respawn. Also your killer should have gum to maximize the hunt. You use a scout when looking for MVPs so your 1 gum will last 3-5 days, since you log out your killer immediately after it kills something. 3. If you find a ghostring, get on your Rune Knight, dragon breath, relog. Back to your scout again. 4. Dont forget to type in @aloot rate 10 for some headgears. _____________________________________________ Well there yah go folks, my first guide ever. Some bosses do not respawn regularly and so was not included on the list. If you try to hunt all the bosses, there will always be cases where two different bosses have the same respawn times, and it can get confusing. :) So focus on a few, important ones, and keep your record neat. The other bosses that you might want to consider, that I was not able to include here include: 1. Tao gunka - beach_dun (Card) 2. Vesper - jupe_core (Card) 3. Valkyrie - odin_tem03 and odin_tem02 (Valhallas Flower and Valkyrja's Shield) 4. Archangeling - yuno_fild05 (Agate and Turquoise) 5- Gemini-S58 - lhz_dun02 (Card) 6. The bosses in Somatology laboratory (not very lucrative since Im on my RG down there - no gum - but I do it for fun, not for profit) Cards not worth getting: 1. Evil Snake Lord - hard to sell 2. Angeling - few use it 3. Deviling - low price 4. Maya - hard to sell / teleports like a chick on cocciane 5. Valkyrie Randgris - hard to skill for value of card / long respawn / hard to sell too 6. Fallen Bishop Hibram - hard to kill for value of card 7. Beelzebub - useless card from an OP boss 8. Ifrit - useless card 9. Ktullanux - hard as c*ck to kill