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  1.  Why do I feel like the unluckiest person on earth when I get Super Luck on WOF? 😛

    1. Blizzard


      lol same. would want +3/+5 all day instead of "SuperLuck" Hahahaha.
      Maybe its time to revamp super luck? 😌

  2. Runaway Magic Enchant (Glorious weapon). Is this enchant worth keeping? Looks like the proc chance is so low even 3% matk (very common) enchant has more DPS over time? Anyone knows?
  3. Sixtus

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Seagods anger + 500m enchant cost but keeps giving crap enchant Q__Q
  4. Sixtus

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    The new cursor seems to have reduced the tile bug on my end so GREAT is this new change for me! Might I suggest making thanatos dolor and picky (for zephs) as big as Satan Morroc (Im joking!)
  5. Sixtus

    Worldbreaker & Worldbringer BG Sets

    Can you extend? For all the days Ive been at BG not even one fragment dropped -_-
  6. Sixtus

    Its becoming frustrating

    I myself get nervous during STP's that I wouldnt get the necessary points in order to get the salary since guardians are getting killed way to fast.
  7. Sixtus

    Its becoming frustrating

    Would still be the same even if one guardian spawns right after the next since that is exactly whats going on right now (they kill them one by one).
  8. Sixtus

    New Forging Headgears

    Even if those are unbreakable Tarot will still break them. Look at Sleipnir, its indestructible, yet it still get destroyed by the only skill in game that destroys footgear HAHAHHAHAHA.
  9. Sixtus

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    Hi, anyone here.
  10. Sixtus

    Genetic Zeph| Daily Quest Farming: Illusion Doping

    Why not just stormy headphones + High wizard card xD
  11. Sixtus

    1vs1 PvP Tournament (6/28/20)

    Now demoted to spectator. Good luck to all participants!
  12. Looks to me that all MVPs are now Soul Linkers. Thankfully none of them have the Leap skill.

  13. Sixtus

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Do we have a skills info on Celine Kimi?
  14. Sixtus

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    No info on boss skills?
  15. Sixtus

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    I don't think this will promote suicide builds among veterans. Because let's face it, everyone is obsessed with winning, and not losing.