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  1. Immaterial Guy

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    GM @HaZeI think this skill should have cooldown (3-5 sec) since warlock has almost unlimited pool of SP and some SP consumable are almost spammable too which results for them to be super tanky. It's just my opinion and I'm open to listen on yours.
  2. Immaterial Guy

    Gunslinger Ability to jump

  3. Immaterial Guy

    Gunslinger Ability to jump

    I think Gunslinger "Fallen Angel" should be unable on 3rds War of Emperium it would be unfair to other classes such if we still continue to implement the said skill. Since backslide skill for GX class and Leap skill for Taekwon doesn't work on 3rds skill War of Emperium it's just fair to unable "Fallen Angel" skill. Thanks!
  4. I just want to know if there is a sudden change or rework on 3rds skill for Mechanics. Suddenly, Self Destruction wasn't able to work on 3rds WOE last week in a way that Self Destruction skill started to miss even though you are in the middle of the opponents stack. The said skill is very useful since some of the guilds are started attacking the castle in a stacking formation. That being said, I hope to here anything from our GMs @HaZe @Irish Heart regarding this matter. Thanks,
  5. Immaterial Guy

    Expensive Elite Endless Tower Card and Drop

    Understood GM. I think we will just wait for the right time for the bound cards to be send to the market. But then I propose the following if it’s possible. 1. A no dual client rule inside Endless Elite Tower. 2. A computer IP cooldown on Elite Endless Tower. The following proposals was originally from Faceworm Queen Instances.Which is fair enough to apply on Elite Endless Tower. Thanks
  6. Immaterial Guy

    Expensive Elite Endless Tower Card and Drop

    Gentleman I think you miss read the statement Elite Dungeon = ED Elite Endless Tower = EET
  7. Immaterial Guy

    Expensive Elite Endless Tower Card and Drop

    To answer your input. 1. A Key to Tower of Abyss is currently being sold to gold_mart ranges from 25b - 25b zeny. Which means there is no shortage of abyss key from elite dungeon. In addition, Elite Dungeon can be spammed as long as you have lots of leaders who can enter the said dungeon. 2. I heard lots of players who can finish Elite Dungeon alone by using Royal Guards just to farm the said key. I think you just need a hybrid build (Sacrifice and Grand Cross) and magic reflect items to finish the said dungeon. Try to ask veteran instance runners for build since our server is a friendly server. 3. I agree with this one since the basis the supply and demand. 4. Agreed that this "amazing cards" are from MVP bosses but then Abyss Tower is being spammed by other players who has multiple account that has multiple elite characters on it. So if they have 3 of each of the key jobs required to enter the said dungeon they can run it 3x and it will be easy for them to get it since they can jump to floor 50 right away. That is why I'm proposing to put an Mac IP cooldown so we can prevent the spamming.
  8. Its been 9 months since the release of Abyss Tower or Elite Endless Tower, on the past 9 months many things have change and happened one of that was the outrageous and uncontrolled pricing of abyss tower drops such as items and mvp cards. As shown bellow are the items that currently being sold to gold mart in a ridiculously high price. Back in the day, I remember that the only expensive card that's being sold is Hades Card (Tradeable) which is ranging from 100b - 150b per card. However, Hades Card is still possible to obtain by finishing legendary achievement (The Hunter Lvl 4) and by accumulating 60,000 DM points but it will be an a "Account Bound Version". In addition, there was a time that Faceworm Queen Card (Tradeable) was attempted to be sold for 100b but then the market has been controlled when Faceworm Queen Card (Bound) was released on the market for 55 donation token. As a result, Faceworm Queen Card (Tradeable) is currently being sold ranges from 40b - 60b zeny. The point on this thread is DRO Donation Market is the basis of the how much will items will be sold through zeny. Selling a card for 300b - 700b (150 - 300 Donation Tokens) is really ridiculous since Spirit of Heroism that is supposed to be one of the expensive item in DRO is being sold for 250 Donation Tokens. I think if this continuous only time could tell when a single card from Abyss Tower is more expensive than a Legendary Set which is sold for 550 donation token (1,100b zeny). I think having Abyss Tower drops or cards on DRO Token Market will also help the server in economy since we saw how many people bought Legendary Set, Destiny Set and Spirit of Heroism from our latest "Spin The Wheel". I know this thread will anger all the parties that are doing the said dungeon, but then the question is "is it really a party who is doing that dungeon?". That question was raised due multiple clients can be used to enter the said dungeon. I remember talking to a party who used to run Abyss Tower 2 to 3 time a day by just making multiple accounts with multiple elite characters. He/She told me that he/she and his/her friend invested time to make multiple Soul Linker, Sorcerer, Royal Guard, GX and Genetic and make it elite so they can spam the said dungeon since the price of the drops are still super high. He/She even mentioned that the said dungeon can be finish by 2 - 3 player using multiple clients by easily jumping to floor 50 since monsters from floor 49 and below are worthless. If I reference what @Irish Heart mentioned regarding the release of faceworm queen instance will prevent this from happening. I think Faceworm Queen Instance rule regarding Mac IP cooldown for 3 days or 7 days will prevent the spamming that is happening on Abyss Tower. NOTE: This is just my opinion it is still under GM @Haze hand if he will consider it.