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  1. Picaros

    Blue Legendary Wings

    @HaZe The set has grown on me now, just one request though. What are the chances to keep the aura effect as is, but with better animation. Looks pale in comparison to other sets mentioned above. Hoping you could consider this. As mentioned before the set overall looks sick.
  2. Updated. Prices further reduced.
  3. T>100 pcs Elite kill scrolls + 150B Cash for Abyss Queen Card. The max I will offer for this card. B>Shotgun Buffalo + Revolver Buffalo 50b each B>Naomi Egg 35b S>@Warp Gold_Mart 119 70 - New Listing - You won't find it cheaper than this. Update: All items listed earlier sold. IGN: Allosome / Exome
  4. Picaros

    Blue Legendary Wings

    Kinda growing on me tbh, but the animation for the aura effect could be better. Compare this to other sets, WB, Virus Annihilator, Lucifer, Infernal/Glacial etc etc. The other bits are fantastic though.
  5. Picaros

    Blue Legendary Wings

    The sprite looks sick so does the attack animation (Sapphire version of the Lion), the only thing that I don't fancy is the aura sprite once all 3 headgears are equipped. No offence to anyone, but not even remotely close to Legendary in my opinion. Those who have the set/don't what are your thoughts?