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  1. James

    Monster & Pet Talk

    Players can just turn off the Public Log option right? That way the chat won't be flooded and they can easily monitor STP scores.
  2. James

    James' B/S/T

    Buying: +10 Temporal Boots (Luck) = OFFER Falling Snow (Lucky Day) = OFFER Eremes Christmas Scarf = OFFER Selling: None for now
  3. James

    Akatsuki Reborn

    Any of you guys still playing? Let's play again
  4. James

    Wheel of Fortune

    Let's update this soon
  5. I'm back. -James

    Still can't log-in to this old account.

  6. James

    Anyone From UPLB?

    San kayo nagLaLaro.. hha..
  7. James

    Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune (WoF) Since i can't find the guide for this that i likely saw in the past.. Let's help one another in making a guide.. Please comment what you experienced so we can edit the guide and make the better one.. The one that is complete for reference of everyone.. I hope this can help. Thanks guys... Sorry for this noob guide.. Wheel of Fortune This can only be played by players who completed the Hero Quest (means you should be a Hero first before you can spin). You have to use 3 Vote for Points Tokens. Only one hero character per account every 12 hours. Making sure that you have Vote for Points Token and the one spinning the wheel is a hero. So what can you get. There are 4 wheels you can choose to spin: SWORDS The SWORDS Wheel gives you a chance to upgrade a random item that is equipped or turn an equpped item to +0. ♦ Refinement - +1/-1 to your equips per slot or everything COINS The COINS Wheel gives you a chance to give/take you lots of money. ♦ i never tried this one ♦ Elunium and Enriched Elunium - gives you elunium or enriched elunium ♦ Zeny - gives you zeny ranging from 100k up to 100m ♦ Zeny - x3 / x5 your zeny (but can also take half of your zeny or worse, bankrupt, take all your zeny away) CUPS The CUPS Wheel has a chance to give you valuable items/trash. ♦ i never tried this one WANDS The WANDS Wheel has the biggest rewards. ♦ Super Lucky - Full Buffs of All Classes (i guess cause it made two columns at the screen) with double exp and item drop rates ♦Gym Pass - gives you a gym pass ♦ Refinement - Headgear/Armor/Shield +3/+5 (always remember it can also be -5/-3/-1) ♦ Refinement - Not sure with weapons ♦ Rummage Bags - you get a chance to win items ie. 6 bloody branch (i guess losing also) ♦ Unlucky - you get negative buffs/status ♦ Shameful Death - your character dies there on the spot ♦ Horrible Luck - makes your character full of negative things (Deep Sleep? or Stone Curse?) ALL OPTIONS ♦ Jackpot - you win the current jackpot This are the Main/Sub Options of WoF This are the positive outcomes This can be positive or negative This is a negative one, hope you don't experience You can also see this link for what Swords / Coins / Cups can offer. But this link was a suggestion last January so im not pretty sure. http://playdreamerro...ck-suggestions/ Please comment all the functions / options / outcomes that i missed. Thanks for understanding. Enjoy playing Dreamer RO guys!