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  1. James

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020

    Will the NPCs be removed on Tuesday, December 1st, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time? Eastern Time (ET – Eastern Time (Time Zone Abbreviation) (timeanddate.com)) Will there be an extension or no extension (of the event and NPC availability) if the NPCs are not removed right away? Is there any way you can put a countdown pub / waiting room timer (MVP Ladder Warper) on the NPCs so everyone will know when they will be removed? NPC Locations: Cyber Monday Freebies NPC (located at caspen 174 221) Cyber Monday Sales NPC (located at caspen 169 220) ********************************************************************************************************************************** The questions and suggestions above are asked to prevent dramas in the near future. Just kidding. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Thanks for the Free Raining Money Aura GM Haze and Team! Looking forward to the upcoming events!
  2. James

    James' B/S/T

  3. James

    James' B/S/T

  4. James

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    No.. it was not intentional and I was not made aware Is there any chance that the [Magic] Ains Ooal Gown Cape would be added before the NPCs are removed? Thank you!
  5. James

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Thanks for the event!
  6. Halloween-themed Casino - not just the place but also the prizes. Press Your Luck - Chance of getting Halloween Surprise Box, Halloween Raffle Tickets / Halloween Tokens, Halloween Rare Wings at Stage 5, 6 or 7. *** Halloween Surprise Box - can work like Magic/Melee Surprise Box or Mystery Box but for halloween items *** Halloween Raffle Tickets / Halloween Tokens - can work like Hephaestus Box and get random amount of Halloween Tokens or around 1 to 2 Halloween Raffle Tickets (if these would exist in current Halloween event) *** Halloween Rare Wings - a small chance of getting current Halloween Rare Wings or previous Halloween Rare Wings at final stage of PYL Headgear Gambler - Chance of getting Halloween Raffle Tickets / Halloween Tokens along with jackpot Wheel of Fortune - No idea yet Lucky Roulette - No idea yet Just suggesting this Halloween-themed casino since this is being left out every event and this might be a good way to burn those all those zeny on the server. I know that we want to make Battlegrounds more active but there would be times that Battlegrounds would be less active during not so peak hours and this could be an alternate.
  7. James

    Monster & Pet Talk

    Players can just turn off the Public Log option right? That way the chat won't be flooded and they can easily monitor STP scores.
  8. James

    James' B/S/T

    Buying: +10 Gigant Snake Skin (Fatal 4) = Leave offer +10 Gigant Snake Skin (Special STR) = Leave offer +10 Gigant Snake Skin (STR +10) = 15b Selling: None for now
  9. James

    Akatsuki Reborn

    Any of you guys still playing? Let's play again
  10. James

    Wheel of Fortune

    Let's update this soon
  11. I'm back. -James

    Still can't log-in to this old account.

  12. James

    Anyone From UPLB?

    San kayo nagLaLaro.. hha..
  13. James

    Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune (WoF) Since i can't find the guide for this that i likely saw in the past.. Let's help one another in making a guide.. Please comment what you experienced so we can edit the guide and make the better one.. The one that is complete for reference of everyone.. I hope this can help. Thanks guys... Sorry for this noob guide.. Wheel of Fortune This can only be played by players who completed the Hero Quest (means you should be a Hero first before you can spin). You have to use 3 Vote for Points Tokens. Only one hero character per account every 12 hours. Making sure that you have Vote for Points Token and the one spinning the wheel is a hero. So what can you get. There are 4 wheels you can choose to spin: SWORDS The SWORDS Wheel gives you a chance to upgrade a random item that is equipped or turn an equpped item to +0. ♦ Refinement - +1/-1 to your equips per slot or everything COINS The COINS Wheel gives you a chance to give/take you lots of money. ♦ i never tried this one ♦ Elunium and Enriched Elunium - gives you elunium or enriched elunium ♦ Zeny - gives you zeny ranging from 100k up to 100m ♦ Zeny - x3 / x5 your zeny (but can also take half of your zeny or worse, bankrupt, take all your zeny away) CUPS The CUPS Wheel has a chance to give you valuable items/trash. ♦ i never tried this one WANDS The WANDS Wheel has the biggest rewards. ♦ Super Lucky - Full Buffs of All Classes (i guess cause it made two columns at the screen) with double exp and item drop rates ♦Gym Pass - gives you a gym pass ♦ Refinement - Headgear/Armor/Shield +3/+5 (always remember it can also be -5/-3/-1) ♦ Refinement - Not sure with weapons ♦ Rummage Bags - you get a chance to win items ie. 6 bloody branch (i guess losing also) ♦ Unlucky - you get negative buffs/status ♦ Shameful Death - your character dies there on the spot ♦ Horrible Luck - makes your character full of negative things (Deep Sleep? or Stone Curse?) ALL OPTIONS ♦ Jackpot - you win the current jackpot This are the Main/Sub Options of WoF This are the positive outcomes This can be positive or negative This is a negative one, hope you don't experience You can also see this link for what Swords / Coins / Cups can offer. But this link was a suggestion last January so im not pretty sure. http://playdreamerro...ck-suggestions/ Please comment all the functions / options / outcomes that i missed. Thanks for understanding. Enjoy playing Dreamer RO guys!