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  1. Foreword This guide is a compressed version of the one in iRo wiki's. Therefore, the guide is based on the one found there; All credit goes to them. I've included an @warp command for easy navigation throughout the quests. Pre-First Elite Weapon - You need to complete ONE/TWO of the following quests to obtain the first weapon (depending which item you want to create in Elite Hero Weapon Quest). Pre-Second Elite Weapon - You need to complete ALL the quests below and have ALL the required items (listed here: Elite Hero Weapon Quest) to obtain the second weapon. Notes: All subparts within the Main Quests must be done chronologically. These quests can be started by hero or non-hero characters. You do not need to be Heroed (or Elited) to start them. As of February 17, 2015, these Quests are now reset-able (Check Changelog) ​​If you fail a quest or experience a bug, talk to Quest Reset NPC in Prontera (@warp prontera 145 225) Important Note (from Symphoria) If in case you purchased the 4 Prerequisite Quest scroll through the Donation Services (Donation NPC), you'll skip making the quests entirely, BUT it doesn't mean you can skip creating Elite Stones for your 1st elite weapon as well. You still need to make atleast one of any of the six elite stone (Dawn Essence, Cold Moonlight, Dusk Glow, Hazy Starlight, Hero Remains, Goddess Tear) to get your 1st elite weapon. Buying the stones for your 1st elite weapon isn't counted, that means YOU still need to do this manually. You can buy elite stones for your 2nd elite weapon afterwards. Just to clear things out if people got confused. If you find any error or would like to suggest some things, feel free to post a reply. Please be specific. Table of Contents The Sign Quest Republic of Schwartzvald Arunafeltz Republic Kiel Hyre Changelog: Oct 20/13: As mentioned in Foreword, credits to iRo Wiki. Full detailed guide can be found on their site. Thanks to x Sarang Hae x for... everything lol! (helping me, and clarifying things.. etc) Updated Republic of Schwartzvald Quest Arc Section Updated The Sign Quest Section Updated Kiel Hyre Section (Split Quest into 4 Parts) Included some screenshots where necessary Mar 15/14:​​ Fixed proper coordinates in "Republic of Schwartzvald" Quest Updated The Sign Quest Section Updated Arunafeltz Republic Section Completed the guide Mar 19/14: Added Item IDs for easier @alooting Confirmed nerolove suggestion Mar 23/14: Fixed the error pointed out by Pantie Master (courtesy of Pax) Apr 19/14: Added some info to trigger NPC Sahedi in Thor Volcano Base Quest (asked by dummydummies02) May 21/14: Fixed the layout on this page Linked the quests to the appropriate post June 12/14: Fixed some things in the quests Nov 3/14: Added few notes in the intro and quest sections Feb 16/15: Added SS for quest completion conversation Removed Sub Quests - 4a & 6a in The Sign Feb 24/15: Edited text format Added a note about resetting quests May 5/15: Added few points regarding the hiding Foreign Merchant (issue raised by Hebi Ningen and tips given by Overseer) Aug 11/15: Added warning note in The Sign (regarding 4b) Reintroduced 4a "Sure, Why Not?" of The Sign to compensate for the Kirkena's Portrait bug (6a is also bugged because of this) Aug 13/15: Added note in The Sign (regarding failure) Added Jesqurienne questionnaire with answers Linked the questionnaire with The Sign Section Sept 29/15 Edited Factory Quest (removed the bbwing note) Nov 9/15 Added Aster for Coral Reef drops (suggested by Mikasa Ackerman) Added waiting time range for Howard Engel (issue raised by Mikasa Ackerman) ‹Nov 23/15 Included notes in the Sign section regarding which path to choose - 4a or 4b (suggested by Symphoria) Apr 21/16 New note added about 4 prereq scrolls - by Symphoria June 19/18 Restoring Guide/Apply Fixes - Shuvi