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  1. BG has anti dual client, it would kick characters that join BG at the same time if they are logged from the same computer. However there are ways to bypass client limitations legally, for example people can play in multiple devices and they can even logged in using their phones. There's also lot of ways to bypass anti dual clients, thus putting anti dual client protection is pretty useless and will only benefit those who know how to do it as they can always pretend to be using multiple devices which is again cannot be made illegal. The best dRO can do is limit those players from totally abusing the system while giving them a QoL. To be honest you are more weird. I mean you've been here for a long time, dRO allow multi clients, etc for 10+ years and now you are complaining about it? Sigh, do you know that you are free to join any server you like? I mean if you find the server weird and doesn't fit your taste why not join a different server that fit your taste? I'll give you my full support on this one. I'm honestly extremely disappointed on you. Don't you know how much I support you on your Goodbye thread back then, was hoping that you'll actually quit but then I saw you back in game a minute after your temp ban for toxicity is finished.
  2. Neutal. I believe we should push forward since everything is pretty stale in the server but it's also risky move. Might need a continuous observation. Lets not forget that you had to remove that clash of division before. While I couldn't fully put the blame on it's unpopularity to it having "3rds enabled". I still believe it's one of the major factor that discouraged a lot of players to join it. And it's not like 3rd arena is popular too. Leveling the weapon might encourage players to try, maybe even PVE players especially if they can use it in some PVE environment. Because the way I noticed it, players would love a 3rd skill enabled PVE (instances etc), but they hate receiving 3rd skills in PVP. I hope the weapon can change players view on 3rd skills but it's something we would never know without trying.
  3. Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. You have to figure out who's worth your kindness and who's just taking advantage. When you are always helping people out and doing things for them they start forgetting the value of it and start thinking it's normal.

  4. Xileria


    someone actually borrowed mine, I can't remember who among my friends did. I doubt that person has any plan to return it. Though I might have told that person to return it if ever I need it. Guess I'll have to use my merit points to get one. (Do I have any?)
  5. Xileria


    Hahaha, . Even a new player who invested some zeny in bubblegum and farmed flowers could easily buy fortuna and for the record the real farming time is the egg hunt only which special drops isn't even affected by fortuna or bgum. Those special drops can easily reduce your flower hunt. Not to mention that if you are talking about advantage then you have some extremely rich players who only farm on egg hunt and use HE gums to rush farming. Your ignorance is on another level. And just to add i used to farm in seasonal too. What do i fooking do before seasonals? Horde as much as bubble gums i could which cost billions of zeny. This way I have steady supply for whole season while new players and those who didn't buy early are having difficulty looking for a supply. And I am not the only one who do that every seasonal, almost all veterans with zeny does that because that's the smart thing to do. Before without fortuna, zeny circulate to b gums seller now its on fortuna seller and you call it weird now because of fortuna? Obviously you are simply envious of other. Now you can't argue that Overgeared never lose because Theos in fact managed to defeat them once already and their score aren't far from each other. Rich player just got b gums effect cheaper but its the same for new players as rich one are no longer interested in bubble gums. You've been here for a long time and you still talk as if you are concerned about the new players calling a 1 time expensive investment with a cheap alternative a pay to win? Desperately, trying so hard to get sympathy or you simply got some problem making proper logic. Some newer player than you can tell better.
  6. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Super fire aura had been changed already since hours ago so if you guys are still having error from it that's really weird. Also submitting screenshot of the error won't work as what we read from it is the middle portion that tells which type of sprites and palletes were available when you got the GE. Better send the notepad
  7. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Lol then your client is corrupted. You are missing so many files. You can try asking someone to upload an iteminfo.lua for you and just place it in your system folder or force your client to repatch. I don't know how but i think you only need to delete something to make it patch. I dont think there's a patch for other missing files like achievement etc. Perhaps its better to download full client. Sorry I am not at home to help you.
  8. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Phase 3 patch started last night there's no patch since yesterday. There was a report of superfire causing GE but its sprite was changed and was temp fixed. When did you started having the issue?
  9. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    I heard that you need 2k flower to convert it.
  10. For everyone enchanting their gears

    May luck be with you all!

    1. Irish Heart

      Irish Heart

      hope they reset and get same exact enchantments later.

    2. PanFlippingCake


      why u trying to jinx us 😞

    3. Irish Heart

      Irish Heart

      I am always bad at gambling so it should never just be me. I want to drag you all with my luck.

  11. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    They said for enchantments like blank cards but with addition of temporal boots
  12. There's a patch to resize the easter bosses as requested by some players.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Xileria


      actually since the rabbit spawn a lot it was made like that so the first few people who spot it can easily claim it, this way it will be harder to be monopolized because everyone else would be capable of killing it in few hits. This is to lessen the advantage of those systematically hunting the bosses through making the boss sizes bigger which gives them a huge advantage in sighting the boss by simply jumping around. If it's easy to kill anyone can easily claim the boss.

      also for your information Ranger weapon is in fact dealing higher damage than GX weapon. The only weapon capable of penetrating those monsters defense are the divine weapons. Any other sources of damage like bolts will deal 1 damage on it.

      Ranger weapon deal 3% of monster hp per hit, while GX only deal 2% per hit. And anyone can easily notice it if you are hitting any monsters that are plant type like those eggs and any normal monsters. Heck you'll notice it when GX hit and they only deal 10 damage on normal monsters while ranger deal 15 damage.

      The advantage that GX have is their double weapon, auto spam but you got blitz too, both spam only deal 1 damage per hit. Bosses has 5000 HP, 1% of that is 50. That means ranger deal 50 damage higher than GX per hit. It's funny that a ranger is claiming they are dealing lower damage. Sometimes... really players don't realize how misinformed they are just because they aren't fact checking and forgot that they could observe first instead of making ironic claims like this.

      Regardless we decided to return it back to it's 1 damage per hit since we already released an enlarge version of the boss making it easier for everyone to see.

    3. P e e j a y

      P e e j a y

      Actually true . Ranger dmg on mobs got higher than gx . I'm not complaining this kind of matter . I just want to be fair enough for those newbie cant get the bosses . If they cant kill it atleast they fun trying it . Bdw tnx for it ^-^

      I lub DRO since when it came out . That's why I'm trying to help or guide them . I just want the community grow again .

    4. P e e j a y

      P e e j a y

      @Kymchi about that . some ppl claiming it . so i dont know if its true or not . so i decided to let you know. I'm not jealous of what they are getting . I'm just worried of the newbies come to this server to have some fun .

  13. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    They are never made to be better but a variant. And gc most likely cant be boosted by holy modifier since it also ignore other modifier in its formula except atk/matk rates
  14. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    It's important for us to know the reason behind you claim that you are the one who killed it. Is it the announcement? If that's the case then there's really a possibility that there's bug on the announcement, chances are someone else dealt a higher damage on it and you are the one announced. Another possibility is that it was killed while you are teleporting. In some cases it just drop on the ground because you are nowhere to be found. The drop of hateful rabbit will always go to the highest damage dealer. Just like every other bosses. It's very unlikely for a single mob to be bugged considering they are designed to the same thing as other bosses.