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  1. Xileria

    Spirit of Heroism Feedback

    In our server being an elite is pretty much the real "starting point" it's like reaching level 99 in low rate server and that's the time you can start gearing your char. In my opinion it's good, because it will allow some players who are way too busy to catch up, as for the donation token price, I believe it should be higher maybe around 300+, considering the benefits it gives. In fact, some players who had been playing here for so long might have not reach some of those benefits at this point such as 20k kills and 60k division exp because they are more active in socializing. Should it be sold via zeny? I think yes but only at elite temple at a cost not lower than 400b. A lot higher is still acceptable. I am not really good in pricing this stuff but it should be a good zeny sink for those veterans who are too lazy to repeat the eliting process to try out a new character. Limit? In my opinion it's pointless to put a limit on amount players could purchase this, no matter how much elite character have, learning your class is still the most important factor in winning and that isn't something you'll easily get no matter how many elite character you have. Haven't tested the process, I am not sure what class to get atm.
  2. Hi Xileria, just wanted to ask, i just finish my quest in evil spirit and im at "kill 3000 mobs on caspen dungeon", it seems imposible for me coz im working. is there any way to skip this? like donating or buying scroll to upgrade my hero.? tnx and more power.

  3. I am not sure if you can deal much damage on normal monsters with SG, but most likely not. I'm not even sure if SG hatred is already fixed now. Warlock isn't really recommended in OGH, some monsters there are too tough for magic also too difficult for boss. But if you insist you can try playing with hell inferno and soul expansion. RG and RK are the best classes there with SL supports.
  4. it depends on targets condition, your buffs etc, not really on skill alone, even normal mage bolts can reach high damage on correct target, even star gladiators normal kick can deal 9999999 damage on Hatred targets. Grand Cross can deal 9999999 damage too just like sacrifice on normal mobs. It's really hard to give you a definite answer on your question unless you can provide us with some specific standards like without buffs, against a specific boss etc. Even a lvl 1 bash can deal 9999999 damage with correct setup.
  5. it's in the instance too.
  6. Xileria

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    Artemia need a nose.
  7. Xileria

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    I wonder if my ticket will suffice.
  8. Xileria

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    hahaha, honestly I noticed something is weird about max HP cards before but I didn't bother confirming my theory since most of them had negligible effects. I know some people who had been using some of those cards but didn't notice it either. Today I tested it and I can confirm that every card that gives raw MAX HP bonus in the server gives 2x their stated bonus. That being said, fabre card gives 20k HP instead of 10k, arch angeling gives 60k HP instead of 30k, succubus card gives 200k HP and so Evil Tree card gives 300k HP. Now I believe there's nothing wrong with the 2x bonus, it's just that most players aren't aware about it so they neglect it too. And some might still think it's useless. Regardless, I don't know if it will get nerfed or there will only be a correction on item description. The correction on description is preferable. Aan suggested a 400k-500k bonus HP and I am sure he is not aware about the 2x bonus, but in my honest opinion the current effect of 300k HP bonus is good enough if you know where to use it and if you at least tried it. The Decorated Evil Tree card is designed for low vit build, while most players seeks balance build, there are people who uses a more adjustable build and that build is only attainable using succubus card and Decorated Evil Tree Card. This is a 1 base vit stat warlock and I got 1m HP using this build. You will only need 2 consumables if you want to reach 2m HP with same build and stat. Although unless you are rich I doubt you can use it as a daily build. MAX HP Card works in some build better than tao gunka for these 2 reasons: Tao Gunka is highly dependent on MAX HP which depends mostly on players vit. Evil Tree Card simply boost your max HP regardless of your vit. In short Evil tree is better for low vit build. Tao Gunka boosted HP can no longer be boosted while Evil Tree card max HP can be boosted further by other HP% bonuses of cards , gears and consumables. It means with magnetite 15% you got 45k more HP from evil tree card, then another 20% from sleipnir so 60k HP etc etc. In fact without that armor my warlock HP only have 400k+ hp.. it boosted my HP by extra 600k+ because of other HP boosting stuffs I am wearing.
  9. Xileria

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    can be soloed if you will dual a tanker and a hitter. Time consuming but possible.
  10. Xileria

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    need to lower your damage, the higher your damage the harder it is to balance their HP.
  11. Xileria

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    My team. Cried in corner. "We will get her next time.."
  12. Xileria

    B> 100 Warrior Skulls

    you can in mag_dun02 draconus. But if in temple, you need to face it solo.. Well at least you can keep on trying there until he die.
  13. Xileria

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Fun fact to those who think 96% damage is OP (SMH), I saw players talking about too much damage etc earlier. Most of the weapons already have 95% damage to demi human before. ex. are the instruments and spears, they just balance it out to other weapons (some weapons have lower bonuses before because the slotted weapons available for their class normally only has 1-2 slots like the guns). The normal card combo in 4 slotted weapon gives more than 96% damage to demi human, that is excluding thanatos card. Buying a glorious weapon is like having a weapon with 4 damage cards slotted on it. The extra downside of these weapons though is the difficulty to find a good donation combination. Too long to explain but it's because most of our donation gears have similar demi human modifier like rare wings that are better combined with other modifer. The slaughter effect damage bonus can cover for it but that's why I don't think it doesn't give too much damage. Perhaps the lucky one are those who can combine it with range wings. Anyway the guns have good stats but only 2 skills have decent damage on Rebellion arsenals atm, they need to be boosted. Tracking tickles. Dragon Tail has slightly long CD. Add a chance of auto casting Level 2 Critical Wound when using skill Mammonite? change to CT no one uses mammonite Add a chance of auto casting Level 2 Critical Wound when attacking with Pierce skill ? Spiral
  14. Shame Full PT wiped by mobs on 2nd floor of OGH!!...

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    2. verrdii


      where's the picture? ahahha

    3. iJojo1112


      We did it with 5 Member only just to test ^_^ but we didn't get the Treasure.

    4. Xileria


      why you didn't get the treasure?

  15. Xileria

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    Maybe change the reward to combat coins and make it every 2-3 hours. Adding more zeny bag in the server will just further ruin the market prices of items. It's 36b zeny bags added in the server everyday and it rotates in the server. NPCs don't absorb this zeny added in the server everyday, it will just keep on piling up. We should aim in lowering the prices of some items in the server, to make it a little affordable for new players, not only for donators and old players with tons of b bags stored in their storage. Giving combat coins will help lower the price of some combat items in long run, and perhaps will motivate more the PVP enthusiast to actually PVP. 1st: 2 combat coins 2nd:1 combat coins 3rd: 1 donation token