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  1. Do you know, you can use /mm <map name> instead of @warp <map name>?

    1. Yuuvi


      Interesting! Can u use that with coordinates too?

    2. Xileria
  2. Xileria

    Phantom Psuchie Damage in HHH

    it's already a blessing if you can get 1 kill before you die going solo in old HHH, now players aren't satisfied tanking 5+ mobs which are supposed to be as strong as average PVP players.
  3. Xileria

    Returning Player from 2014

    please create a ticket for account related issues. http://playdreamerro.com/support/open.php
  4. Xileria

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    The most complain I get from FB is not it's damage but its range. Especially with gem of pneuma not getting triggered when a skill is used beyond 9 range. In my case I just find it ridiculous that you can use shotgun for sniping while tracking that uses rifle is the one with less range. I am not hating on it as I am not that knowledgeable in PVP, I just find it funny.
  5. Xileria

    Stylist clothes color no. question

    i am not sure, but maybe.
  6. Xileria

    Stylist clothes color no. question

    you can also get a different color by changing your character sex.
  7. Xileria

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    well this is kinda out of topic but let me borrow the thread to address this. Some minor stats in the server have multiplier and it was in fact pointed out few times before. In fact it was nothing new, Yoyo card is supposed to only have 5 PD but PD bonus from cards are doubled in our server, this is nothing different with raw HP bonuses having 2x their original value, in fact some of it are already updated but new ones tends to be forgotten. If I recall correctly the multipler for atk bonus in our server is x10. which is why skel worker card for example has +50 atk bonus instead of +5. These description were updated back in pre renewal but was reversed due to renewal update and updating so many of them is very difficult unless players contribute themselves, by pointing it out at the report section. This is exactly the reason why we have reporting section for misleading descriptions which gets updated everytime descriptions are patched. Anyway was already talking to the team and the atk bonus might be reduce to only +50 for WKC. Just waiting for confirmation. True, in fact one thing limiting us from further bringing any additional updates such as new instances is because their drops usually boost specific skills or will at least heavily impact the PVP in game, such as items in jitterbug of nightmare. Jitterbug nightmare was supposed to be added months ago but it was never put into implementation because of the new items it has. Example: anyway one solution i suggested before is a simple specific skill reduction gems . Basically a counter gems. Eg. Reduce asura damage received by 10% etc. But then I really have no idea how much impact it would do in PVP so we just set it aside too.
  8. Xileria

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    it was based on the original effect. MHP +300, MSP +30. For every 3 refine level, MHP +100, MSP +10, Critical Damage +2%. If the user's Base LUK is more than 120, Critical Damage +30%. In fact it was nerfed a bit in terms of Critical damage bonus. We consider putting it class specific restriction but then it won't make sense unless we do the same on other boots that's why the idea was dumped. IMHO, Crit bonuses are fine until we talked about SS skill, which in my opinion is the one that might need proper modification. Pyuriel card is another thing to consider and might need a proper fix. Critical Attack Damage + 30%. Increases damage received from all races by 10%. Right now this card do not make player receive extra damage from players, enabling rangers to stack it without much thought.
  9. Xileria

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    You'll have to keep some shops and in my opinion you only need to remove combat coins, heroic coins and division coins as their shops are the easiest to convert to a high value shop like a donation shop. Other shops needs to be revised for their purposes. What you have to do is to remove similar items from the shop and keep some exclusive items on the shop where they belong. Donation type headgear should be place on dreamerro token shop including those combat armors, forging armors , gems etc. EG: Glorious weapons and other old bg stuff should remain on bg shop but they also have option to trade their badges at Currency exchanger npc, it can exchange BG badges to dreamerro token. DM points doesn't need to be removed. Though I think the DM points shop should focus more on consumable exchange instead of gear exchange. This includes the infinites as they can be useful in BG and WoE. Shouldn't be included in currency conversion. Vote for points donation item should be removed. V4P should focus more on giving away newbie items such as punk beanie, life steal headgear, donation clones, death weapons etc. Once a player graduated from being newbie they should spent their v4p on stuffs such as WOF or other services instead of collecting it for extremely high value donation items. I don't think it should be included in conversion.
  10. Xileria

    Instance Walkthrough [Old GlastHeim]

    the cheapest should be RG followed by GX, I just can't give advice on how to easily kill both bosses too much as that will only lead on additional revamp on this instance. But for RG you can use the usual GC build and carry a 100% single reflect stuffs for first boss and you should be good to go until amdarais.
  11. Xileria

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    all those thing has 15% chance the only difference is what they cast.
  12. Xileria

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    it's on the first page.
  13. Xileria

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    fortuna doesn't stack with b gums or any other gums as it's the same type of boost effect, in fact I don't use fortuna as it consume 1 accessory slot. I use HE gum though it's not cost effective. It works better for lazy people.
  14. Xileria

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    figure out first if you are the only one having the issue or not by asking other players in game or in forum. If it's happening to others then there's a chance something need to be fixed on the developers side. If you are the only one experiencing it, then it's most likely your client, or your pc causing the problem. To be honest, I haven't receive any report of crashing picking up loots or someone stopping when they auto cast windblade. As you are aware, a lot are using ranger atm.