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  1. buying items, accidentally clicked invite to guild the other player instead of trade and didn't noticed it until later when I couldn't open the guild storage. The guild is a share storage of me and my partner. We lost billions.
  2. Xileria

    Runaway Magic Enchant (Glorious weapon)

    as far as I know this thing has chance to be triggered on each target hit, basically it's OP on AOE skills such as Stormgust, LOV etc when used on multiple targets. Not sure if they change the script though but you can keep it active when hitting multiple targets before, except I believe they increased the mana drain.
  3. Xileria


    Adding attack range won't change your attack type to "range" so lex won't work. However tyrant works on "range" type skills such as grimtooth, shield chain etc.
  4. Xileria


    if it just got banned and he can still login it, maybe you enter wrong password repeatedly?
  5. Xileria

    New Forging Headgears

  6. Xileria

    New Forging Headgears

    no, it say it has no tradeable box xD.
  7. Xileria

    Honorable Guild

    it's because you are always inactive during event times.
  8. Xileria

    Honorable Guild

    Haha, first of all you are already missing a lot of important points. Why the hell newbie matters? Does winning Honorable require you to have newbies? This is exactly what Aselica said, this is returning again on the argument we had with Xmas Hunters. Veterans cried that time that Xmas hunters are impossible to defeat because they have a lot of newbies. So we keep on arguing about it until someone challenge the SPs. So what does they did, simple, 3 Leaders pool their resources together invited their friends in a single guild. Who are those friends? Newbies? Rofl, majority of founding members of Overgeared are all veterans. It takes a lot of effort to convince a newbie to farm regardless of benefits that you give to them. Not all newbies are good in farming, and not all of them like to do zeph, scavenger etc. It takes veterans to be better in scavenger. The top farmer of Overgeared when it was founded was the previous leader of Overgeared II. Overgeared is not founded by newbies, they make examples by doing it themselves. The only reason Overgeared is starting to get swarmed by newbies is exactly because as I've mentioned, these veterans are getting lazy especially without competition. Ask those 3 Leaders of Overgeared what they've been doing when Overgeared was just founded. All of them are doing zeph, scavenger, DQ etc. It's the same for founding members but not anymore because they have no competition. But the point is, whatever make Overgeared to what it is now, it's all created by veterans not newbies. So stop looking on newbies like they are the road to win it. Yes you are right newbies perspective is like that, they look on whoever is better, so whose fault it is that they couldn't make an example of how good their guilds are? That's exactly what Overgeared does, they create an example. They establish themselves. But it's not the other way around. They didn't establish themselves with newbies. Salary? Profit? Lol you can do your own math. Here is the actual payment for their members If we Win Honorable Guild Competition, you'll get Top 1 Point Contributor: 20b + 1 WoE Token Top 2 Point Contributor: 15b + 1 WoE Token Top 3 Point Contributor: 10b + 1 WoE Token Top 4 Point Contributor: 5b + 5 division exp scroll & 3 elite kill scroll Top 5 Point Contributor: 5b + 5 division exp scroll & 3 elite kill scroll Rest that reach quota = 5b If we Lose Honorable Guild Competition, you'll still get Top 1 Point Contributor: 10b Top 2 Point Contributor: 8b Top 3 Point Contributor: 6b Rest that reach quota = 3b That alone is 79b and lets not mention the fact that scrolls and tokens are given there. With both guild having at least 15-20 members that would qualify to receive payment you can do your own math how much is their weekly spending by simply adding a hundred+ billions and tell me that a single castle is enough to pay it. In fact in my estimate their weekly spending is atleast 300b per week for 2 guilds. This is again not including the bonuses they get from their titles and ofcourse merit points. Where in Overgeared titles and merit points has value that could be exchange too. Members even buy merit points from each other. But to be fair it's the Fortuna Card sale last event that is currently sustaining the cost of managing the guild that would probably last for a few months. But it's as Seam said, he himself had spent trillions on the guild. So as I said they are overburdening themselves. If they want profit a single guild is a lot better. .... Look on other guild, which guild has people that help each other in scavenger? I don't know but it's something normal in overgeared. Which guild has people partying to do zeph? Again I don't know but it's normal in Overgeared. So Overgeared itself is what this honorable guild should be. If other want the title, they should obviously be better than them.
  9. Xileria

    Honorable Guild

    There's a huge difference on who win and lose, their salary and bonuses also depend on it. And wasn't that exactly Overgeared's weakness? Do you realize that having 2 different guild cost a lot and it's not in anyway beneficial in competing for Honorable? At the end of the day, there's only 1 title and castle available and both guild has to compete for it. A losing guild is just an extra burden, and each week Overgeared has one guild losing. So tell me how would another guild need to double their effort? It's overgeared who are overburdening themselves right now by doubling their effort as they had to "manage" two guilds where one is doom to lose each week and still need to be paid. It's just an additional cost for them. I'm sure if the best farmer of both guilds are combined into 1 then they'll surely dominate it better than what they are doing right now. But it's not the case, each guild has their own members unique to each other and are seriously competing for the title. OG 2 is nothing different to any guild trying to compete for a single title against Overgeared 1. The only question is, if both Overgeared will ever combine if another guild actually beat them to the title. But to be honest, I highly doubt they would for a reason I won't bother explaining. (some members of each guild don't like each other) But right now, any new guild would only need to put at least 1 half of the effort of the whole overgeared. It means if they can be better or equal with any of the two guilds, then they already had a shot to win it, because any of the two guilds had already proven that they could win it if they put effort on it.
  10. Xileria

    Honorable Guild

    actually what people need to realize is that if they'll only work together they could really do it, it took a month of recruitment for OG 2 to win against OG 1. Overgeared can't always keep their points high, there will be a week when their farmers are lazy or inactive for a while. It requires consistent recruitment. Take a look at OG 2 that is normally only 100-300 points away but right now, they only got 1.7k points this week while OG 1 who got a lot of new members is at 3.2k lol.
  11. Xileria

    Honorable Guild

    It's the problem, when players are "overwhelmed" by what they see in points, not realizing it's not hard to achieve. Just to give you an idea this is a record of a player from OG 2 a few weeks ago when they won. I removed the player name just in case the player don't want to be posted but that player is one of the top farmer of OG 2. As you can see, that player alone got 414 points without doing DQ and WOF, that in a week could give you some points too. He got 414 points while Seasons got 440 points right now which I don't know who obtained them since I am not part of their guild. (Maybe this should be made public, players points obtain in each guild lol) That being said while quality is important, I believe that if you play that quantity card correctly you can also win. Because that's exactly how OG 1 is beating OG 2 most of the time, they have higher number of active farmers that gives at least few points each. But before you guys misunderstand what I mean about "you can win by playing that quantity card", please take note that based on last weeks activity points, Overgeared only have 42 members who contributed points. Of that 42 players, 12 of them didn't even reach 40 points. Mostly 30 below. Even if you combine all their points it won't reach 300 points, a points that 1-2 hardcore farmer could get too. That's why I believe that if anyone want to compete against Overgeared, they could always compete with numbers too as long that they are actually active. Having hardcore farmer is one thing but working together even with small thing could work. If they can pull 50+ active members they already got a better chance. This is also the reason why I believe it's useless to reduce the capacity. Reduce it to 30? with best farmers in other. Same result for sure.
  12. Xileria

    Honorable Guild

    even if you reduce it's capacity it won't change anything other than making Overgeared guild kick it's inactive members. The problem with Honorable is the lack of leaders who are willing to take onto the competition. In fact you are wrong, because both OG and OG II are competing for it and OG II had in fact won a few times against OG 1. Seasons is also one of the guild that could make it if they have enough farmers but I don't think their leaders had that much time to recruit and train members. The advantage that Overgeared has over other guild is because they have the best foundation already. They had the best farmers recruited already. To give you an idea, if you total the points of top 10 members of Overgeared, you'll reach as much as 1500 points already and that is when they have no competition or guild event that gives them more reason to farm points. That being said, if you limit it through capacity even if they can only farm with 20 members the points won't change much because majority of the members aren't even farming points atm. Fun fact, most of the leaders in Overgeared are so lazy and sometimes they don't even contribute a single point in a week. It's hard for veterans to invest time and zeny in a guild and compete with such a giant because it's a time consuming method. They need to give them a reason to farm those points and that's exactly what Overgeared does,.. give each of their members a reason to farm points. If honorable points has an actual use in game, then perhaps it might increase the competition because it will give every player a reason to farm those points, but atm, unless there's a leader who can unite a guild to actually earn those points so they could compete, then I doubt it. I also want changes in honorable as it's boring without proper competition. But it's really hard to think of anything atm.
  13. Where is my Battra3's points? doesn't figure here!!! it' my secondary avatar.

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    2. KaedeKyl9


      I don't know who manage or how, I will ask them now. And it is not combined, not yet, but hope they are not afk right now

    3. Xileria


      Overgeared weekly points was normally recorded and sent by your leaders for tallying every monday. However this week, I myself recorded the points from the board before reset and didn't see any other points there except for battra.

      Now one of Overgeared II leader, also recorded the points. This is to ensure that none of the points will be missed, but he also didn't see any extra points for your other character there.

      Your points last monday can be seen in the salary log here.

      Now if you have issues with your points, make sure you have backup screenshots to support your claim. That way your leaders can confirm if there's any discrepancy in the board points.

    4. Latte


      This is why i forbid dual char in guild it messes with merit table

      you might wanna be consistent on 1 char only from now on

      I got moved to OG2 as your leader last week i dont even know who and who battra is lol 

  14. Xileria

    Heaven Flower Quest

    what does reginleif says when you talk to her?
  15. Xileria

    Heaven Flower Quest

    check through @hero command and see your quest progress. see the 2nd page. It will tell you your progress. You can also post it here.