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  1. Xileria

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    I honestly doubt veterans would get motivated to PVP just because they can earn rewards for dying now. But with the donation token for 100 Heroic coins, they'll probably get motivated to go back for a while in PVP and grab the opportunity.
  2. Xileria

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    I am sorry to be negative, I am not against participation reward in fact I want participation reward too for new players. But isn't getting rewarded for dying in PVP is going backward? Now anyone can create novices, ungeared 3rd character and pretend to be actually participating in HHH while suiciding. Surely we got rules regarding PVP farming, but can GM really ban players who can pretend to be helpless in PVP? Abuser can even login an alt account in a different IP and pretend to be a new player. Again I am not trying to be totally negative. I like the idea of participation reward, but getting rewarded for dying is really questionable. Not to mention that we got tradable rewards from Heroic coins. Why can't we just have similar rewarding scheme where players are rewarded for staying alive in the map, and then actually help the newbies get geared so they can actually compete instead of asking them to feed the veterans? On another note, this promotes more high output damage builds or suicide build for veterans which is already bad in our server. There's too many item that boost damage in our server and most veterans disregard their survivability because of our existing system where everything is about getting kills. Now not only you can kamikaze build, you'll also get rewarded for using it. Another thing is, getting rewarded for dying doesn't motivate newbies that much, in fact if it does, BG should be always packed with newbies but being with a lot of newbies I realized that a lot don't simply wanna get bullied. Being with a guild of 80% returner set user, they rather farm in PVE and get themselves geared so they can actually PVP instead of going to BG . So I doubt rewarding them to get bullied will bring PVP activity back. I'd rather suggest to think outside of the box and make this newbies be closely capable of competing. Ex. Utilize the siege sets that doesn't stack with most donation headgears, use it as a freebies. At least it will make them tanky and capable of making cheaper builds. Isn't that why IRO implement that thing. Regardless thank you for being so generous with the rewards. It's only my opinion about the system and I am glad you are trying to make the PVP alive.
  3. Xileria

    Skip 4x Elite Prerequisite Quest Scroll

    the 4 pre requisite are only "pre requisite" quests for the elite stone quest. Even if you finished those you still need to do 1 of the stone quest to get your first elite weapon. You need to finish all 4 pre requisite and collect the 6 stones to get your 2nd weapon. Check the ffg blog. https://palk.dreamwidth.org/659.html
  4. Xileria

    Benevolent Cecil STP

    Cecil can change element. Maybe it change to Holy 4? Holy 4 can negate all elements except neutral/shadow and undead property.
  5. Xileria

    bug on dawn essence?

    Luminary Fragments Quest Dawn Essence 1. Make sure you've completed The Sign and Kiel Hyre before continuing. You need to finish the sign too.
  6. Xileria

    Homunculus Question

    on homun tactic, change skill class to any skill .. apply then reconnect.
  7. Xileria

    Homunculus Question

    try mine.
  8. newbie gloves, still the best slotted gloves for newbies.

  9. Xileria

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    The chaser looks great with it.
  10. Xileria


    wait till the end of the next class balancing discussion GX and other under performing classes are yet to be discussed. Just hoping we get some good representative that could talk about the class.
  11. I like the new forum and all but editing is so difficult especially with spoilers. I hope it get fixed. Sigh. More than half a day of effort to make the guide and it didn't save properly and now it's gone....

    1. verrdii


      ask wildan to help you hahahaa

    2. HaZe


      The post not saving might be an issue with your connection, considering I am aware everything has been acting up for you lately. The spoilers should be fixed soon, it might just be getting used differently