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  1. For everyone enchanting their gears

    May luck be with you all!

    1. Irish Heart

      Irish Heart

      hope they reset and get same exact enchantments later.

    2. PanFlippingCake


      why u trying to jinx us 😞

    3. Irish Heart

      Irish Heart

      I am always bad at gambling so it should never just be me. I want to drag you all with my luck.

  2. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    They said for enchantments like blank cards but with addition of temporal boots
  3. There's a patch to resize the easter bosses as requested by some players.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Xileria


      actually since the rabbit spawn a lot it was made like that so the first few people who spot it can easily claim it, this way it will be harder to be monopolized because everyone else would be capable of killing it in few hits. This is to lessen the advantage of those systematically hunting the bosses through making the boss sizes bigger which gives them a huge advantage in sighting the boss by simply jumping around. If it's easy to kill anyone can easily claim the boss.

      also for your information Ranger weapon is in fact dealing higher damage than GX weapon. The only weapon capable of penetrating those monsters defense are the divine weapons. Any other sources of damage like bolts will deal 1 damage on it.

      Ranger weapon deal 3% of monster hp per hit, while GX only deal 2% per hit. And anyone can easily notice it if you are hitting any monsters that are plant type like those eggs and any normal monsters. Heck you'll notice it when GX hit and they only deal 10 damage on normal monsters while ranger deal 15 damage.

      The advantage that GX have is their double weapon, auto spam but you got blitz too, both spam only deal 1 damage per hit. Bosses has 5000 HP, 1% of that is 50. That means ranger deal 50 damage higher than GX per hit. It's funny that a ranger is claiming they are dealing lower damage. Sometimes... really players don't realize how misinformed they are just because they aren't fact checking and forgot that they could observe first instead of making ironic claims like this.

      Regardless we decided to return it back to it's 1 damage per hit since we already released an enlarge version of the boss making it easier for everyone to see.

    3. P e e j a y

      P e e j a y

      Actually true . Ranger dmg on mobs got higher than gx . I'm not complaining this kind of matter . I just want to be fair enough for those newbie cant get the bosses . If they cant kill it atleast they fun trying it . Bdw tnx for it ^-^

      I lub DRO since when it came out . That's why I'm trying to help or guide them . I just want the community grow again .

    4. P e e j a y

      P e e j a y

      @Kymchi about that . some ppl claiming it . so i dont know if its true or not . so i decided to let you know. I'm not jealous of what they are getting . I'm just worried of the newbies come to this server to have some fun .

  4. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    They are never made to be better but a variant. And gc most likely cant be boosted by holy modifier since it also ignore other modifier in its formula except atk/matk rates
  5. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    It's important for us to know the reason behind you claim that you are the one who killed it. Is it the announcement? If that's the case then there's really a possibility that there's bug on the announcement, chances are someone else dealt a higher damage on it and you are the one announced. Another possibility is that it was killed while you are teleporting. In some cases it just drop on the ground because you are nowhere to be found. The drop of hateful rabbit will always go to the highest damage dealer. Just like every other bosses. It's very unlikely for a single mob to be bugged considering they are designed to the same thing as other bosses.
  6. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    You got taxed
  7. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    According to our admin no, also the prices of the items will be pretty high.
  8. Xileria

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    the server also need reviews lol
  9. Xileria

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    Bring an entire guild next time lol.
  10. Xileria


    try to look for an active guild recruiting new players. Atm I think Theos and Overgeared are the most helpful for new players, their members can guide you on what to do. Now if you don't want to look for guild you only need to understand the basics. 1. Leveling - you can instantly level to 500. So I guess you can skip this. 2. Farming - the basic farming for newbies is monster hunting also known as zeph quest it gives zeny everytime you finish a quest. I suggest visiting first_city. It's @go 50. In that map you'll notice 3 npcs at 4 o'clock of your screen. Zeph quest, scavenger and daily quest npc. Zeph quest is for farming zeny, scavenger for DM points but you can skip it for now. Daily Quest for daily tokens that you can exchange for various rewards which includes donation power headgear. Zeph and Daily Quest is pretty basic but if you need guide on it, you can just ask through @request or just ask people around caspen. Additionally easter seasonal event is coming most likely in april, which is the best time for you to gear up. During seasonal event, players can get donation headgears easily by just farming seasonal tokens. My newbie guide is pretty much obsolete but it might help you find things to do. It's not step by step, you can just choose what to read there. Goodluck and have fun.
  11. Xileria

    pinoys =scammers?

    Instead of creating unnecessary drama why not create a proper report so it can be investigated by the proper team. Don't lump people in one group just because of their races, your race has nothing to do with your attitude or behavior. I am not going to tell you to stop being dumb and don't trust anyone with your equipment. It's your choice, even me have people I trust my items. Just that the GM team won't have any responsibility to help you return your items or trace where it goes. But they could still help you ban the player if your case is proven. You cannot report to the police and expect the police to return your items if they can't find it or if it's money, you can't expect them to pay for it when the thief already spent it somewhere. Your items are your own responsibility but GM's don't tolerate scammers it's just that, it's extremely difficult to trace items in this game. Me and my partner are of different races, we share stuffs and even has a guild storage of our own. If he ever one day decided to betray my trust, it's only him, not other people of his race. And why does opinion of other people about that guy matter? It doesn't matter if someone is known by the GM or whoever. Even GM's can get ban how much more for a normal player.
  12. Xileria


    Because those boss are pretty weak ever since renewal. It's easy to fix by simply boosting the bosses and providing them with crazy buff but I remember that some players are against the said idea. Perhaps the best way to balance it is to make it like the Christmas Abyss Queen where it's immune to all skills and only receive 1 damage. The last hitter and his party will receive chance to get rewards.
  13. Xileria

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    maybe he meant there will be no currency shop. But SoH will be available.
  14. Xileria


    wow that sounds like someone encouraged you guys to create a guild and then left the boat and go for her own vacation.
  15. Xileria


    rofl I just remembered that he was the one who got temp banned for toxicity and then complained about Fortuna and even made a review in RMS about how OP it is, not knowing that it was Haze who created and even personally added fortuna in honorable guild treasure. xD He is a very envious person. For the poor player who only know how to be envious of other. Here is the current top earner in OG 1. Maybe you thought that the reason why OG keep winning is because of the leader? Is that also why you are accusing them of cheating the game lol. Well you are again in for a surprise because for your information, other than Tsuchie, the other 3 leaders of OG are lazy players who won't even bother earning points. Their job is mostly to pay salary, organize the guild etc. That being said, you are accusing those members of cheating not the leaders of the guild because they are the reason why that guild still keep on winning. At the end of the day the one working to make the said guild win are the members not the leaders. Heck according to a member I asked he haven't seen Seam for more than a week.