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  1. Venie

    About the current GM/SP team

    Good Luck for the new updates...
  2. Get your Witchy on...BitchyWitch...Happy Halloween DRO

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    #7 Poisonous Icarus Wings #6 GYUKI ESSENCE
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    Ahh you just notice the Halloween event??? LOL!!!!
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    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    Farmer's back to be active...Thanks for the updates
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    Donation Rotation 09/2018

    YAY!!!!!Great one!!
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    HHH 6/24/2018

    Wew , what a number LOL!!!
  8. If you cry over every boo-boo's run to  momma kiddos 😂

  9. Before you judge other, take a good look in the mirror...(how ugly you are?)

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      Who is that fag Sweetie!

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      LOL! just a quote nvm dear...


  10. Out of difficulties grow miracles...….

  11. Are you looking for new shores? Then, since you might be right with us. God of Destruction & Tahu Bulat · GoD Master : F h r e y a N · Tahu Bulat Master : Infernal Archean We are looking for : · Active Players · Good Personality · Loyal Members · Don’t Beg, Work! · Team oriented · Accepting advices Languages: MAIN English About Us : · We decided to enlarging the family members by making a connection between two guilds (God of Destruction & Tahu Bulat). · God of Destruction guild has many pro members that you can count on. You may join the guild if you’re willing to focus on PvP, they’ll gladly help you about some of the best build for any job on PvP issues, especially the master itself, F h r e y a N and also FARMNKILL are in this guild. (PvP Guild. Guild Base : Einbroch [einbroch]) · Tahu Bulat guild is full by extremely friendly farmer members LOL!!. For those who wants to make in-game friends and also wants to know how to farm zeny, some tips in the game or need a companion while farming, this guild is the best place for you. try to reach us and join us dude! (Farmers Guild. Guild Base : Zeph Room [casp_auct02]) · Our guild is still in progress, so we’re really welcoming newbies who need a secondary home and want to find out how the game works. · We don’t care your wealth, just be nice to the other people around you buddy! · As you can see, we have two guilds who have the same purposes, here is our missions o To be on top at everything in the game LOL!!! (including PvP and Farming matter) o To make a bridge for newbies who need help o To make the game more alive o Non-stop Elite Dungeon Party or Endless Tower companion o WoE o Etc lol Share your experiences, your life and make teams to explore the world! That’s all, you can join us anytime~ See you in the game buddy! Cheers! XD Where to find us : Our very own cave (Zeph Room) Tahu Bulat God of Destruction Einbroch [einbroch] FB Guild: TAHU BULAT (DreamerRO)