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  1. Hi why GS / Rebel didn't get buff in this recent changelog? A glass cannon class like gunslinger should have more damage with a little HP but now it has no Damage and low HP, compare to other range classes like Ranger's and Minstrel's, Gunslinger damage is left behind and they can be easily killed by any job at DRO nowadays, yes gunslinger had Fallen Angel skill now which is great to create enough space to free hit and uses it's range to kill but still it has auto skill desperado combo which causes delay to escape, create space etc. Should DRO Server show some love and BUFF Gunslinger / Rebellion damage ? I personally says that DAMAGE IS MY BEST DEFENSE but how can i defend my self if i can't do enough damage on my opponent ? Anyway i'm just saying my opinion in this recent changelog that i didn't saw any changes on GS / Rebellion class.