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  1. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

    RO Mobile aja biar rame. wkwk
  2. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ID lo brp? ikut dah.
  3. Valco

    Unable to receive hero C arc wand

    Zaabu already answered most it. Check your Hero experience through Reginlief and count the digit correctly. If its correct go try unlock through the option. If still doesn't give you the rank, try to talk to Debugger NPC ( you can see the white hooded NPC standing near the pillar in Hero Room) to debug your character, hopefully it will debug and try to kill some more Hero Monsters.
  4. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

    maen yang lain kyk apa cok? jgn bilng maen MoLe
  5. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

    apa itu FB?
  6. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

    maaf.. ente sape?
  7. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

    nagih utang yaaa
  8. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

  9. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

    kalo kapan mau dihalalin.. mesti tanya ama yang punya nih
  10. Valco

    Indonesian Lounge -

    udah berapa tahun gak perna Reunian ya? Halal Bi Halal kapan?