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    Hero Quest Guide

    Changelog ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS i - Requirements of Hero ii - The Quest Begins iii - Becoming Glorified iv - Hero Arena v - Hero Ranking vi - Obtaining Higher Rank Equipment vii - Hero Equipment Before becoming a Hero, you must meet these requirements: You must be base level 500. Once you are maxed level, warp to [ayo_in02 100 165]. There you will talk to Sigmund. He will tell you the Quest requirements for becoming a Hero: DRACONUS: You will need a Draconus Scale which is obtained from the MVP Draconus. This monster can be found at [mag_dun02] (It spawns every between 2 hours 30 minutes - 4 hours 10 minutes, you can check by using @uptime you can no longer check MvP respawn time using @uptime) [mag_dun02 = mag_dun01 241 241] or hero temple Young Lady [ayo_in02 91 172] (you need 1 Billion Zeny entrance - one time payment for unlimited attempts until you become a hero) Warning: Draconus Scale can't be TRADED or STORED. Monster Statistic: (mag_dun02) Level: 99 | HP: 640,000,000 | SP: 1 (aka Infinite) Def: 89 | Mdef: 86 STR: 4381 | AGI: 1087 | VIT : 1 | INT: 5281 | DEX: 3143 | LUK: 9999 ATK: 48,000-64,000 Range: 3~10~12 Size: Large | Race: Boss | Element: Ghost (Lvl 4) Monster Statistic: (hero temple) Level: 99 | HP: 14,400,000 | SP: 1 (aka Infinite) Def: 70 | Mdef: 75 STR: 1500 | AGI: 690 | VIT : 1 | INT: 2281 | DEX: 1143 | LUK: 999 ATK: 38,000-44,000 Range: 3~10~12 Size: Large | Race: Boss | Element: Dark (Lvl 3) HUMAN SKULLS: He will ask you to obtain 100 Warrior Skull [updated] List is formated in : Quantity - Item - Where to obtain 5 - Emperium - Mineral/Mimic 5 - Young Twig - Mistress 10 - Ancient Tooth - Deviace/Piranha 10 - Biotite - Mysteltainn 50 - Illusion Flower - Mavka 5 - Oridecon - Sold in Mall 5 - Elunium - Sold in Mall 5 - Heroic Emblem - Orc Hero/Orc Lord/Sold in Mall 1 - Emperium Anvil - Sold in Mall 30 - Necklace of Oblivion - Jakk/Medusa 30 - Necklace of Wisdom - Marse/Anubis 25 - Gold - Am Mut 50 - Executioner's Mitten - Phendark/Rybio/Zealotus 50 - Blade lost in Darkness - Abysmal Knight 500 - Feather - Lunatic/Fabre 5 - Star Crumb - Sold in Mall 750 - Fabric - Whisper/Wraith 250 - Destroyed Armor - Tamruan 150 - Trunk - Stone Shooter/Willow/Elder Willow 5 - Black dyestuffs - Gift Box 5 - Cobaltblue dyestuffs - Gift Box 5 - Scarlet dyestuffs - Gift Box 5 - White dyestuffs - Gift Box 10 - Red Bijou - Red Ferus 10 - Blue Bijou - Blue Acidus 10 - Green Bijou - Green Ferus 10 - Yellow Bijou - Yellow Acidus 10 - Fragment of Sorrow (Fragment of Misery) - Thanatos Maero 10 - Fragment of Hatred - Thanatos Odium 10 - Fragment of Despair - Thanatos Despero 10 - Fragment of Agony - Thanatos Dolor [Outdated] Old Requirements: *Thanatos Frags are change into character bound, means you can not Store them into storage, nor you can Trade them. Upon obtaining all these you will need to return to Sigmund in [ayo_in02 100 165]. Talk to him and if you have completed all the item requirements you will transcend to a Hero Class: - Return to Level 1/1 Hero Class (e.g. Level 1/1 Hero Paladin) - Additional 2500 Stat Points - Additional 50 Skill Points - Viri Ignis (a.k.a. Hero Aura) [+3% ATK, +3% MATK, Splash 3x3, 1 slot, Lower headgear, refineable] After becoming a Hero, if you talk to Sigmund again, he will mention Blacksmith Regin at Einbroch. Now warp to [ein_in01 28 85] and talk to Regin, he will take the rest of the Hero Quest items. He will tell you to pay 20m zeny for the glorified items, and wait for him to create the items. You must wait 2 hours ONLINE in order for him to finish. Actually, just walk around, or maybe get out through portal, then reenter. The items will be done at that time. [Sometimes you talk to him right after you gave all the items he requested.] Once finished, click the NPC and you will obtain your [GLORIFIED] equipment. The Hero Arena is the area where Hero's level and raise their Hero Ranks. Here you will also be able to obtain the stronger Ranked Weapons. Checking your statistics and Accessing Monster Arena. You can check your current rank, exp, kill and death ratio and access Monster Arena through Reginleif. [ayo_in02 150 168] However you need to finish first the Heaven flower Quest before she talk to you. First, you must go to [lighthalzen 40 240] and talk to the NPC named Heimer. He will describe to you a quest. and find an item called [Heaven Flower]. Heaven Flower can be found in [odin_tem03] in 3 possible random locations: After you approach a heaven flower, a Seyren-like mob (The one that spawns at lhz_dun03) will spawn nearby it. He drops heaven flower once killed, but this is not a 100% drop rate. So if you don't get the Heaven Flower, you need to warp to other Heaven Flower's location. If every location has been searched but you still can't obtain Heaven Flower, you need to reset back to Heimer. Once you have obtained the Heaven Flower, return to Heimer and you can now talk to Reginleif. Note : Heimir will ask for 200 honorable kills (This kind of kills can be obtained by killing players in duel arena, @pvpmode, @duel, Hero Arena, and other PvP environment). You don't need to do them, because even without doing it, you can still talk to Reginleif, as long as you have done the Heaven Flower quest.