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  1. The Best Seller

    Wanted Devoloper Fused Dracula Card effect doesnt work

    I use it to accompany my 3pcs sniper cards at least i have 15% damage to all races.
  2. The Best Seller


    It is because of how renewal works bro. It is like when they say in Renewal +10 level 4 High Attack weapon is better than a +10 Composite Bow with 4 damage card modifiers.
  3. The Best Seller


    Yea also because rare wing also adds % to hydra script and villanious shadow. it won't multiply as it is the same script damage to demi-human which is race. Still better to wear +20% attack rate +20% demi +20% all class +15% medium.
  4. The Best Seller


    The reason why range % damage is doing more damage than demi human % is due to most of the REDUCE used by players are demi-human which makes the script of deal more damage with range attacks kick in. Less people know it actually. Also applicable to other items with the same script.
  5. The Best Seller


    Relax guys, let's leave it up to the boys in charge here. If you want to help then please do help not make the thread get negative views. You can either suggest any possible balancing that could be done or if you don't want to help feel free to just let them handle it.
  6. The Best Seller

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    Yeah I'm also vouching for this post due to other classes getting almost non-existent on WOE and PVP maps. I am wishing that DRO would be back to its former days where all classes could fight against each other balanced and able to counter each classes just by the use of gears and play-style not something due to being an OP class with OP skill.
  7. The Best Seller

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    I wish silvervine fruit would be tradable so that BG addicted newbies could make money from doing it and also make them feel they have to always play BG :)
  8. The Best Seller


    Bro, as I look into your error I can see that it's a problem on the computer you are using. I think it's an error of your Microsoft runtime library. Try to install Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages and also do you have Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer? install it too. Just google it.
  9. The Best Seller


    did you download the full installer?
  10. The Best Seller

    Refining Questions

    Try to wear both +9 and +10 Black Wind Milestone alternatively and see how your defense changes maybe you'd be enlightened.
  11. The Best Seller

    Incorrect Description List (New)

    Tao Gunka card = -50 def (only def from armors are subtracted whereas def from VIT also should be subtracted as well) Thanatos Card = same as above with defense rate. Grimtooth weapon works fine as it is said.
  12. The Best Seller

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    Nice job again!
  13. The Best Seller

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    Nice job!
  14. The Best Seller

    GX Class

    Re-balance the def! Make the "reduce defense rate" effect affect soft defense or should i say "VIT" defense.
  15. The Best Seller


    Helping is what dreamers love to do. See you in the game bro.