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  1. The Best Seller

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    Yeah I'm also vouching for this post due to other classes getting almost non-existent on WOE and PVP maps. I am wishing that DRO would be back to its former days where all classes could fight against each other balanced and able to counter each classes just by the use of gears and play-style not something due to being an OP class with OP skill.
  2. The Best Seller

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    I wish silvervine fruit would be tradable so that BG addicted newbies could make money from doing it and also make them feel they have to always play BG :)
  3. The Best Seller

    Request Donation Effects for Upcoming Rotation

    1. Top Headgear: None at the moment 2. Middle Headgear: LADY BUG WINGS it's hard to get it when people don't play as much. But i would like to suggest the same effect to be on Donation rotation and with another SPRITE. 3. None at the moment
  4. The Best Seller

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    Nice job again!
  5. The Best Seller

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    Nice job!
  6. The Best Seller

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    Keep up the good work guys! ill go and leave a review today as well